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This South Asian Beauty Shows Us What Concealer REALLY Looks Like in Beauty Influencer Photos

Filters are something else, boy...

Take it however you want to take it but some of these commercials are wearing me out. I don’t want to watch someone shave their body hair (eww). I don’t want to hear some woman talk about butt crack smells every hour on the hour (how much ad money does Lume have anyway?). And I was perfectly fine when period pad commercials had blue instead of pink fluid in them. Yes, we have taken “being real” to new highs — or is it lows? I guess it all depends on who you ask.

However, what I will always and forever support are people who like to pull back the blinders — or is it filters? — when it comes to beauty and fashion. And that’s why this video by @manisha.nawal gets my respect.

I think most of us know the purpose of concealer — it’s to soften the appearance of things like dark marks, blemishes, age spots and skin discoloration. Hell, if you get the right color and apply it correctly, concealer (with the help of foundation and highlighters) can oftentimes totally hide these things altogether.

Yet the reason why it’s important to keep PSAs in the form of videos like this in mind is because, just because a person in a picture may look like walking perfection, that isn’t always or automatically the case. First off, no one is perfect (even in their appearance, even if their skin is flawless) and secondly, professional shots are designed to look like art and that means lighting, filters and other tricks that photographers have will hide what they don’t want you to see.

Remembering stuff like this keeps everything in perspective because, when you keep in mind that everyone is human at the end of the day, there is nothing to envy and, when it comes to letting your own “beauty light shine”, there is also nothing to fear either.

Concealer or not — get on out there and let us see you. You’re among friends. You’re among…imperfect humans.

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