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Finally...A Way To Keep From Losing Your Sweatpants Strings

You'll never lose them again

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Something that I personally think is really sexy on woman are sweatsuits and sneakers. When the sweatsuits are not super large and the sneakers are high-tops, it creates such an effortless appeal that catches my eye often.

That’s why I perked up when I saw this video by @stylexfox. Since I’ve lost more than a few drawstrings in my sweatpants (especially after throwing them into the washing machine) over the course of my lifetime, it’s cool to know that there is something that can be done to avoid it happening in the future.

Watch Video Here

I’m not sure if I ever would’ve come up with that on my own (pretty sure that I wouldn’t have).

And now that you know what to do with the top of your sweatpants, when you get a sec, check out this YouTube video (here) about what to do if the bottom of them are too long (or just have an awkward shape to them. It’s a cool idea too; just make sure that your hair tie doesn’t feel too tight around your ankles or lower part of your leg. Being cute is one thing — totally cutting off your circulation is something else. Enjoy!