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This Is THE Perfect Hairstyle for Thanksgiving

No hair in your food.

Prepping for Thanksgiving can be such a hassle, and no we don't mean the food. We are referring to our Thanksgiving Day outfit. From head to toe, we plan our outfits to be cute, comfy, or chill.

This TikToker shared the best hair style that gives cute and gives you free range to get your grub on.

"I don't know about you, but I kind of like it off my face," @erinduganjurchak said. "For obvious reasons. We got work to do." Same, girl. Same. The last thing we want to worry about his our hair stopping us from enjoying such great food.

She started by curling her hair, giving it some beautiful ringlets and body. Erin then brushed the curls, giving her hair a more elongated and looser curl. 

She then took the top half of her hair and put it up, wrapping her hair around the rubber band keeping the ponytail in tact. 

Erin's hair style was super cute and perfect for the Thanksgiving festivities. We really liked how her bangs and curls framed her face but were not in the way. 

Several commenters loved this look and how it turned out. "Can we talk about those bangs 😍 I’m here for it !!! So cute !!," one person said. Another said, "omg your hair is so pretty!!"

To all my foodies out there, this hair style is for us! Tell us if you rocked this style to the dining room.

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