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You Don’t Need a Stylist to Have Snatched Ends: Watch How One Woman Trims Herself Up Perfectly

All you need is some shears, some patience and some confidence.

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Word on the street is, it’s a good idea to trim your hair every 4-6 weeks (give or take a couple of weeks). But what if you don’t have the time to go to the salon or — the unspoken hesitation — you’re leery about going because your stylist seems to ride the sometimes fine line between a “trim” and a “haircut”.

If this is your hair health dilemma, how about trimming your ends yourself? It might sound like a daunting task but it’s not as hard as you might initially think.

 Watch Video Here

Some of the hacks that I share with y’all, I’m having light bulb moments just as much as you are. But when it comes to this one, I can 1000 percent vouch for it because I’ve been doing it ever since I’ve been natural (and that has been a really long time at this point).

The reason why I prefer to trim my own ends is because my stylist and I don’t exactly agree on how much of my hair needs to be cut off at times. Plus, with all of the working gigs that I have, I don’t have time to sit in a chair for hours (is it just me or does going to a salon feel a lot like waiting at the doctor’s office?). And so, doing it myself, it is.

The process is pretty much like you see it in this video although @zriches doesn’t give the technical term for what she’s doing — it’s called dusting. Why? Because you’re not fully trimming your hair. You’re simply twisting or braiding your tresses to the end to see what stragglers you have and then cutting those off.

That way, you can get rid of split ends or any hairs that may look or feel damaged (if you run your hair down its shaft and it feels “rough” at the bottom, it’s probably damaged) without worrying about chopping too much off in the process.

My two cents? Make sure to have some sharp shears, that you put your hair into some medium-to-small twists or braids and that you go slow. Also, only cut the strands that don’t “fit in” with each section of your hair.

If you do that, you’ll become a big-time fan of dusting. I have been for years! No regrets.