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Woman Shows You How To Go To Bed Super Cute With A Nighttime Hairstyle

It's ideal for long traveling trips too

If we’re lucky, most of us will spend one-third of our lives (6-8 hours every night) in bed. Hmph, I don’t know about y’all but even when it comes to what I look like when it’s time to turn in, I prefer to be as cute as possible (it helps me to sleep better). For me, that typically consists of a tank top, some boy shorts and some sort of way to tie up my hair so that I’m comfortable without it looking a hot ass mess.

There are all sorts of scarves and headwraps (not the biggest bonnet fan; sue me) that can make this happen. Then there are next-level approaches like this hairstyle from @ravioli_nicoli.

Watch Video Here

Is it just me or does this video look like some hair art?

This is something that you can do if you want to let your hair air dry, if you’d like to create some heat-free beach waves, if you want to go to bed with a cute look or if you’ve got a long day of travel ahead of you and, like me, bonnets are just not your thing.

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And if you paid really close attention, she wrapped up the ends of her hair which makes this a protective style as well because that’s what protective hairstyles do — keep your ends (which are the oldest part of your hair) out of harm’s way.

I’m pretty sure that her hair being purple and her using a purple scarf made this even more visually appealing, but I’m sold on this look regardless. It’s got countless reasons to try it and not one reason why you shouldn’t.

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