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Watch A Woman Show You How To Turn A Bubble Coat Into A Crop Jacket

Use your coat budget on something else, y'all

Whether you call them “bubble coats”, “puffer jackets” or “quilted coats”, from what I’ve read and researched, it wouldn’t be a waste of time or money to pick one (or a new one) up over the next few weeks. They are definitely in style and, as someone who used to own one, they are also very warm.

And once you check out what Ms. @alexxishb_ just pulled off, you might be excited about how your bubble coat could actually be worn in more than one way too.

Watch Video Here

At first, I was like, “If she pulls out a hair tie, I’m done” because I have seen more stuff done with the help of a hair tie in the past couple of months to last me a lifetime!

That said, I’m not exactly sure what she is rigging her coat up with. I guess it’s some sort of elastic band. My heads up would be, whatever you decide to go with, it needs to fit comfortably around your waist (when you’re sitting and when you’re standing) and it shouldn’t be a belt. Perhaps something like a polyester knitting band (like this one here).

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Once you figure out whatever works for you, I think you’ll like the end result, though. I mean, how can you not at least consider a hack that requires no cutting or sewing and causes one of your coats to look like a totally different one? Yeah, I’m down.

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