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Watch How To Get Rid Of Scuff Marks On White Boots

All you need is a simple school supply

I personally haven’t owned a pair of white boots in, shoot, at least two decades. I did used to have a pair of patent leather vintage ones in my possession that were totally bomb — and yes, they also used to slightly irk me because they were constantly getting marks on them. Back then, there were some other things that I did to get rid of the scuffs (more on that in a sec).

Hmph. Had I known about what @christiemoeller is about to share, it might’ve helped me to get a bit more of my precious time back.

Watch Video Here 

An eraser, huh? THAT’S IT, HUH?

Wow. ‘Cause see, what I was out here doing was applying stuff like toothpaste, nail polish remover and sometimes rubbing alcohol to my precious whites. And while all of these worked pretty well too, the problem was sometimes they (slightly) damaged the finish of my boots.

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I’m thinking that an eraser will be much gentler. However, what she didn’t say is you’re probably better off going with a white eraser rather than a standard pink one. That way, you’ll end up with a lot less residue.

Welp, let me know how this hack works for you. Anything that can keep white boots looking like new for as long as possible is certainly a winner in my book. 

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