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Woman Slays Smoky Eye and Sharp Eyeliner Using Only Her Fingernail

Who needs a brush when you have acrylics?

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Cultivating the perfect cat eye is typically not as easy as it looks. That’s because it requires a lot of precision which means that you need the perfect tools in order to pull it off? Some people like to go with a stencil kit. Others prefer to use some liquid liner, their favorite concealer and some make-up sponges. Then there are those who are daring enough to try their fingernails. Yep. Their fingernails.

Watch Video Here

Watching this left me with some mixed feelings. On one hand, there’s no way around the fact that @abigail_angelica345 deserves all of the standing ovations in the world for creating a flawless make-up face with — what?! — just her fingernails; especially since they are square and not almond or stiletto shaped. Yeah, that pretty much goes without saying.

On the flip side, what has me stumped is using your fingernails to get that closely to your eyes. You know, right when COVID hit, I remember reading all kinds of articles about how important practicing good nail hygiene was. The backstory is nails carry a lot of germs; especially acrylic ones because it can be hard to get all of the “gunk” out from underneath them.

So, although I was impressed to see how @abigail_angelica345 was at creating some really clean lines, I did secretly wonder what routine she practiced when it came to cleaning her nails first.

So, there goes my quick PSA on this hack: Before you get started, for the sake of your eyes’ health, make sure that your nails are really clean. Oh, and maybe you already know this but just for safe measure, you should get new mascara and eyeliner every three months. Eyeshadow can last for around six months.

If you keep my extra tips in mind — hey, go for it. You never know how your nails may help in a pinch, if you happen to leave your cosmetics bag behind and you still want to create the perfect cat eye.