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A Review of the SkinPen Skin Treatment

I enjoy trying various skin care treatments and giving my opinion on them.

Have you tried topical creams and moisturizers with little to no results? Have you always wanted to improve the appearance of your skin but are not sure if cashing in on the latest treatments is right for you? Do you want to put your best face forward?

One of the latest breakthroughs in skin therapy is microneedling, which can help improve skin conditions like fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, and improve the overall appearance and health of your skin. I recently tried the skin pen to help fight old acne scarring. Learn more about microneedling below and read my review of the SkinPen skin treatment.

Needle used in microneedling

Needle used in microneedling

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy, uses a small device, often referred to as a skin pen or derma pen, to rapidly and repeatedly puncture microscopic holes into the surface of the skin. This provokes a response in the body to heal the area. Through the healing process, new collagen is produced in the skin, which can help build up damaged skin, build up scarring, and correct any imperfections using the skin’s own healing power.

Currently, there are two types of skin pens:

  • Cord-powered skin pens
  • Battery-powered skin pens

What Can SkinPen Treatment Solve?

Acne scarring

Fine lines


Stretch marks


Uneven texture

You should consult with a dermatologist or certified clinic to find out if the SkinPen is the right treatment for the skin condition you are concerned about. They may recommend a different path of treatment that may better suit your condition.

In my case, I first visited my cosmetic skin clinic to seek treatment for acne scarring along my temples that occurred during adolescence. My skin technician recommended a round of three fractional laser treatments, followed by a SkinPen treatment, and then followed up by another round of laser treatments.

I was curious why she recommended the SkinPen in between the rounds of laser treatment. She explained that the SkinPen is great for breaking up the laser treatments so that the skin responds better once starting the second round. She also explained that the SkinPen can continue the production of collagen between laser treatments. It can not only improve the acne scarring areas that I wanted to target, but also the overall appearance of my skin.

What Should I Know About the SkinPen?

Some benefits of the skin pen include:

  • The pen stimulates natural healing using your own body.
  • No chemicals or medication is injected into your skin or body.
  • It can be performed on all skin colors and skin types.
  • It’s a minimally invasive treatment.
  • It can be used to target small areas or used across the entire face.
  • It provides little to no downtime, unlike traditional laser treatments.
  • The treatment can be performed in an office setting.
  • Total treatment time takes less than 1 hour from start to finish.
  • You start to see results almost immediately—within the next few days after treatment.
  • The pen can be used in conjunction with laser treatments or as a touch-up treatment every several months for long-term maintenance of the skin’s appearance.
Technician administering skin treatment

Technician administering skin treatment

What Is the SkinPen Treatment Like?

I waited almost six weeks after my last fractional laser treatment before receiving the SkinPen.

Upon arriving, I was brought to a private treatment room, where the clinician applied a topical anesthetic cream to numb my face and neck. That was to ensure I would not feel any discomfort during the treatment.

Then, 30 minutes later, my skin technician arrived and gently removed the topical anesthetic cream. I laid back in the room with the lights dimmed and soft music playing and it was time for the treatment to begin!

The technician used a battery-operated SkinPen and began slowly moving the pen across my skin. I was very pleased to find it was not painful—not even a prick or pinch! I could slightly feel the vibrations of the pen on my skin, but no discomfort at all.

The overall treatment took only about 15 or 20 minutes. All of the skin on my forehead, templates, cheeks, chin, and nose were covered by the tiny needles.

Check out this video demonstrating an actual microneedling treatment.

After it was over, the technician advised that my skin was responding normally. Typical reactions during and immediately following treatment include:

  • Slight bleeding from some of the microneedles.
  • Overall red sensation across the skin.
  • Slightly warmer temperature of the skin at the site of the application.

My technician then gently applied a soothing moisturizer and advised me on how to properly take care of my skin during post-treatment over the next several days.

Taking care of your skin in the days following the SkinPen Treatment

How to Take Care of Your Skin After SkinPen Treatment

Wash with mild cleanser

Apply moisturizer at least twice a day

Drink water and stay hydrated

Use tepid water

Stay out of the sun

Avoid harsh chemicals

Are There Any Post-Treatment Side Effects?

Immediately following treatment, you may experience redness, swelling, or slight bleeding from the microscopic holes at the site of the skin. Typically, the skin will feel warm to the touch as well.

You should treat your skin as if you have a sunburn. In my case, it only took 1-2 days after treatment for the redness to completely disappear.

If possible, I would recommend that you receive the treatment later in the afternoon or evening when you can go to bed shortly following the treatment due to the redness. The next morning, you will already begin to see the redness disappearing.

Most clinics recommend about six weeks between treatments so that your skin has enough time to produce new, natural collagen.

Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

What Type of Results Can I Expect?

Most patients will start to see results in the days following treatment. Your dermatologist or skin technician may recommend several cycles of the SkinPen for more dramatic, long-lasting results.

My Results

After just a week of receiving treatment, I already noticed a significant change in the fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead. The pores on my nose appeared much smaller, and the overall feel of my skin was smoother than I had felt in years.

In my opinion, these are not the kinds of results I would have been able to achieve on my own with topical, over-the-counter creams or moisturizers. These results were a great bonus as well, as I initially was recommended to have the SkinPen treatment to help treat old acne marks and scarring along my temples.

I am also pleased to report that I can see a noticeable difference in the acne marks after just one treatment! I am hopeful that as the collagen production continues over the next 6 weeks my skin only continues to improve.

I would definitely recommend the SkinPen to friends and family. While it is an investment, the results are long lasting and can definitely boost your confidence in your appearance.

Have you ever tried a microneedling treatment? Would you recommend it to friends and family? Would you ever consider trying the SkinPen? Share your own experiences and thoughts in the comments!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


rich rike on April 01, 2019:

is 1.5depth using skinpen deep enough tg fix acne scars

Tressie Dawson on December 30, 2017:

Nice post! This treatment sounds good! I have acne marks on my face and I wanted to go for a laser treatment. What according to you is best? Should I go for laser treatment or skinpen treatment?

WheelerWife (author) from Minnesota on January 22, 2015:

I loved the SkinPen - I thought I saw pretty good results after just one treatment, too! It surprisingly didn't hurt at all. My technician numbed my face with numbing cream first. Afterward it was red and warm for about a day. Good luck - hope it works for you!

my on January 22, 2015:

Thank you for posting this insight article. I have a lot of acne scar on my face and I don't like it. I tried laser treatment couple times now and it does not see to work. I might try to get this a try. Does it hurt during the process?