Homemade Beauty: Amazing Avocado Face Mask Recipes

Updated on November 21, 2019
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I love discovering and sharing DIY beauty tips, especially all-natural solutions that you can easily make at home.

avocado DIY face masks
avocado DIY face masks | Source

Avocados are creamy and nutritious superfoods that offer amazing health benefits. But did you know that the creamy butter fruit can also be applied topically to the skin? I think most of us know this by now as avocado face masks are among the most popular natural face masks used. Even famous celebrities including Jessica Biel use avocado face masks for beautifully supple skin.

Filled with healthy fat, natural oils, antioxidants, phytochemicals and moisture, avocados are perfect for healing dry peeling skin. Slather 1/4 pureed avocado onto your dry face during harsh winters to lock some moisture into your skin cells. Avocado face masks can also work for people with oily acne prone skin and are excellent for aging skin.

Let's look at the nutrients in avocado and avocado benefits for skin.

Avocado Face Mask Benefits

Benefits for Skin
Fatty acids
Keep skin moisturized, hydrated, lubricated and smooth.
Vitamin E
Fights off free radicals that cause oxidative stress in healthy skin cells. Slows down premature aging. Fades acne scars and dark spots.
For healthy skin. Heals dry withered skin. Revitalizes dry cracked skin.
Vitamin A
Treats dry flaky and peeling skin. Essential for healthy new cell division.
Vitamin C
Builds up collagen which is essential in maintaining skin strength and elasticity.
B- Vitamins
Prevent free radical damage to healthy skin cells. Promote youthful glowing skin.

1. Avocado Oatmeal Face Mask

Combined with oatmeal, this avocado face mask acts as a gentle and amazing exfoliator for the skin. Oatmeal is one of the best natural exfoliators out there and can be used to scour off excess sebum and dead cells from the skin. Check out more benefits of oatmeal for the skin.

Benefit in face mask
Absorbs excess oils on skin's surface. Sloughs off excess dead cells and gently removes peeling skin. Nourishes dry withered skin. Exfoliates and lubricates skin.


  • 1 tablespoon ground oatmeal
  • 1/4 ripe avocado

Useful Tips:

  • Use ripe avocados for easier mashing. You can also blend the avocado instead of mashing it.
  • Tie your hair behind and away from your face to prevent the mask from sticking to your strands.
  • To open up your pores and letting the nutrients of the mask sink deep, do facial steaming or have a quick slash with warm water.


  1. Mash 1/4 an avocado using the back of a fork until it is smooth and lump-free.
  2. Stir in the oatmeal to make a paste.
  3. Slather the mask onto your already-clean face in a gentle circular motion.
  4. Massage for at least 2 minutes, letting the oatmeal gently exfoliate your skin.
  5. Allow the mask to settle for at least 15 minutes.
  6. Wash off with cold water.
  7. Pat dry with a clean fluffy towel.


2. Avocado and Honey Face Mask

This avocado face mask works wonders in restoring dry peeling skin and cracked cheeks back to life. Avocado is hypoallergenic and when applied topically to the skin can penetrate deep into the pores, promoting soft supple and smooth skin. It contains only one other ingredient which is honey, the ancient all cure that has amazing moisturizing properties.

Check out more benefits of honey for skin.

Benefit in Face Mask
Contains potent anti bacterial and anti septic properties that kill off acne causing germs. Evens out skin discolorations and black spots. Gently moisturizes and lubricates skin. Lightens and brighten up dull and aging skin.

Useful Tips:

  • If there's any excess left of the face mask, don't let it go to waste. Slather it onto your neck and hands just before taking a bath.
  • You can store excess face mask mixture for up to a week in the refrigerator. If it starts giving off a weird smell, toss it in the trash.
  • Purchase raw organic honey to prevent any skin irritations or rashes that processed honey with artificial honey with additives may cause.


  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/4 ripe avocado, mashed


  1. Combine the above ingredients in a small mixing bowl.
  2. Apply the mixture to your clean face in a circular motion. Let the face mask settle for at least 15 minutes.
  3. When the time is up, rinse off the face mask with warm water first then cold water.
  4. Pat your face dry and enjoy the silky moisturized feel of your skin!


3. Avocado and Egg White Face Mask

Egg white is potent in removing excess oils from the skin, thereby keeping acne and blackheads at bay. The avocado and egg white combo is beneficial for all skin types including dry and oily skin. It will nourish dry skin and moisturize oily skin without causing further breakouts. Avocado protects skin cell outer membranes from inflammation and resulting skin ailments including inflamed acne, rosacea eczema, and psoriasis. Egg white has many other benefits for the skin.

Benefit for skin
Egg White
Rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish skin. Tightens large pores and lifts up sagging cheeks. Removes excess sebum on skin surface. Softens and smoothens rough skin.

Useful Tips:

  • This face mask is quite sticky, messy and a bit difficult to remove off. Best apply it before a shower so that it's easier to wash off. Remember to first use warm water to loosen the mask. Rinse off with cold water to close up pores.
  • The egg white makes it a skin tightening and face lifting mask so it's better to lay down because gravity will pull the mask downwards.
  • Wear an old t-shirt or apron over your clothes so the face mask doesn't drip onto your clothes.
  • It's always good to use a test patch on your inner elbow to verify that these avocado face masks are safe for your skin.


  • 1 egg white
  • 1/4 ripe avocado


  1. Pour the ingredients in a small mixing bowl. Mash it up real good with a fork.
  2. Using clean fingertips, rub the mashed up mixture in a circular motion, working your way from the chin to forehead. This will ensure the bottom part of your face mask dries faster, preventing downward drips.
  3. After 10-15 minutes, rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Splash cold water on your face to close up the pores.
  4. Gently pat your face dry with a clean towel.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • profile image


      11 months ago

      The honey avocado did a deep cleaning on my acne! It helps a lot!

    • profile image

      Alex Cordova 

      4 years ago

      I have been doing the oatmeal and avocado recipe but add honey with water and it's been great on my skin! I've used it twice a week and do another recipe with tomatoes and my face looks better than ever. Thanks for the great recipes!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      The Avocado and Oatmeal face mask left my face feeling great;)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I don't get acne I get hyperpigmentation A.k.a dark spots and I've been using these masks

      Honey lemon

      Honey lemon oatmeal

      Honey water

      Honey milk

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      hoe many times a week should i or can i use the avocado masks, specially the honey one for acne?

    • pureb profile image

      Syed Saqib Aftab 

      5 years ago from Bahawalpur, Pakistan

      Superb Idea.... going to purchase avocados and try to make it professional... I hope that I can serve .....

      Thank you healthmunsta for sharing this...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I can't believe it its actually amazing and i love it c:

    • KorenKartalis profile image

      Koren Kartalis 

      6 years ago from Suburbia, New Jersey

      I just bought avocados today...can't wait to try one of these....thank you...


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