5 Affordable Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Looking Amazing

Updated on October 30, 2019
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Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer and company director from the UK.

Try these beauty hacks for amazing, hydrated, glowing skin.
Try these beauty hacks for amazing, hydrated, glowing skin. | Source

Mature Skin

As we age, our skin changes. It becomes less elastic as we produce less collagen and sun damage begins to take its toll. Sometimes our skin looks duller than it did when we were in our thirties. So how do we keep our skin in great condition into our forties and beyond?

1. Lock in Moisture With Vaseline

I absolutely love this simple little hack for keeping my skin soft and glowing. Good old Vaseline! I initially thought that this might leave my skin greasy and prone to spots, but it doesn't. I've used it under my eyes for a long time but never all over my face.

I decided to give it a try so that I could say with absolute confidence that it works. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks now, and my skin had never felt softer. My skin is naturally fairly dry, so I'm always on the lookout for anything that will make it less so.

Not only is this product super-effective in keeping my skin soft, but it's also very inexpensive. I'm not a believer in spending lots of money on skincare products as most extremely pricey items are not all that they are cracked up to be.

How to Use Vaseline on Your Face for the Best Anti-Aging Results

Put a small amount (pea-sized) on the back of your hand and separate it evenly. Spread half on one side of your face and half on the other. Go right up under your eyes, as this area is extra prone to dryness. What you want to be careful not to do is to use too much. I don't want my hair sticking all over my face while I sleep! Rub it in as much as possible and always make sure that it's the last item of skincare that you use before retiring to bed. Do it every night for the best results.

Note: Vaseline will not have lasting effects on your skin if you stop using it. It's merely a product that enhances your skin whilst you are using it.

Tip: Put a little vaseline on your eyelashes before you apply your mascara. It really helps to give those lashes a boost.

2. Use Highlighter Under Your Eyes

Using a spot of highlighter or illuminator on darker areas is a really neat little trick. Use it under your eyes to make them pop. Don't use much at all; it is possible to go over the top and make them look a bit odd, so less is more here.

The illuminating highlighter I use is the strobing liquid from Maybelline. I absolutely love it. Of course, it's actually supposed to be used in other more obvious areas of the face, but using it directly under the eye area has a real brightening effect.

How to Use Illuminating Highlighter Under Your Eyes

Dab a tiny amount under your eye and keep pressing until it has soaked right into the skin. Don't rub, just press.

3. Exfoliate With Flannel and Oil

Again, this is a simple little hack with maximum results. A dry flannel dipped in a little warm water mixed with olive oil or baby oil is a great exfoliator, especially if, like me, you use Retin-A or even retinol.

How to Use This Method of Exfoliation

Use tiny circular motions while applying a little force. Go over the whole face until you have covered all of the skin. Go down to your neck too. We often forget about the neck when it comes to exfoliation.

Peeling and dead skin will come away easily with this method, and it certainly saves money on more expensive exfoliators.

4. Use a Brown Sugar Scrub

Brown Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub Recipe

I use this method more often than not. Mix a tablespoon of soft brown sugar with half a tablespoon of olive oil. When you have a thick consistency and you can still see the grains of sugar, you are ready to use this amazing, moisturising exfoliator.

Use circular motions and rub gently so as not to scratch your skin. Go over each area just once. Wash off gently with warm water and then use a hydrating cream over your clean exfoliated skin. This method will leave your skin feeling super soft and clean.

5. Drink Water

Water! This really is a great way of keeping your skin plump and glowy. You don't have to go all out and down two litres a day if you don't particularly like drinking plain old water. If you can manage five medium-sized glasses a day, then you will notice quite a significant difference in the appearance of your skin.


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    • trabeauli profile image


      13 months ago from India

      Well written post! It's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have the cover best moisturizers for oily skin. Please check-https://trabeauli.com/best-moisturizer-for-oily-sk...

    • EvieSparkes profile imageAUTHOR

      Evie Sparkes 

      14 months ago

      It's great Abigail, I'll continue to use it while it's working fo me :)

    • profile image

      Abigail Hreha 

      14 months ago

      That’s really interesting about the Vaseline. I would have thought it would be greasy too but people have used it for a long time!


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