What Are Strawberry Legs and How to Fix Them

Updated on August 26, 2016
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Try observing a strawberry. Do you see the small seeds they have? You can notice black pores on your legs after shaving that look similar. That is why this condition is called "strawberry legs." Sometimes the pores are hardly noticeable, and other times, they are so conspicuous that you start feeling self-conscious to show off your legs.

How to Reduce Them?

You can stop shaving and start waxing. But for someone like me, it is not possible to go to the parlour every next week and waste an hour or so getting a wax. So I went through a number of internet posts to try and find a solution.

I tried many of them, but most of them were ineffective. Then once when a cousin was visiting, I saw unbelievably smooth legs under her skirt. I knew she shaved, and so of course, I asked her what she did. Her answer proved to be the best solution ever.

The Steps

I followed the following steps and subsequently, most of the pores in my legs disappeared.

Warning: it will take time, but if you want smooth legs, you should definitely take time to go through all the steps.

1. Soaking

Soak your legs in warm water for at least 3-4 minutes. This is said to open the pores. The best way is to take a shower.

2. Use a Loofah as a Scrubber

You may also use a pumice stone, but considering that I have very sensitive skin, I always opt for a loofah. Squirt a bit of body-wash on the loofah and scrub it in circles starting from the bottom. Spend considerable time scrubbing the areas that have the pores. I usually do it until my skin turns slightly pinkish. Once done, wash it off.

3. Razors Should Be Sharp and Clean

I know it is not possible to buy a razor every time you shave, so what I soak mine in boiling water to disinfect it.

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4. Shave Along Hair Growth

Shaving along the (or in the direction of) hair growth prevents the hair from growing in different directions. But the negative side is that: hair growth is faster compared to shaving against hair growth.

But, for someone determined to remove dark pores, you should shave along the hair growth. This will prevent in-grown hair to some extent.

5. Loofah Again

Once shaving is done, use the loofah again. To avoid irritation and rashness, you need to do it carefully. Don’t put too much of pressure and be very, very gentle, yet firm.

6. Lather up in Baby Oil

You have to moisturize your legs after shaving. This is the part you should never, ever skip. Generously apply Johnson’s baby oil to your legs to give it a smooth finish. Or you can use any other body lotion which suits your skin.

You should have noticed reduction in black pores right after your first wash.

Smooth legs
Smooth legs


1. Don’t shave your legs at the first sight of hair growth. At least give it a week or so to grow back properly.

2. Scrub your legs everyday in the shower. This is a step important for the next three days after you have shaved. It will help prevent dark pores and in-grown hair.

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        Priya Barua 7 months ago

        @Thalia endrane: doesn't it?

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        this 99% worked!!