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Pond's Cold Cream: The Best Moisturizer for Women and Men

Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Pond's Dry Skin Cream

What Is the Best Moisturizer?

When I was a teenager, my mom instructed me on the importance of using moisturizer to soften the skin and minimize wrinkles. I'm not sure exactly when I started using the stuff on a regular basis, but I think it was in my early 20s.

Regardless of whether or not I would wash my face, I would still slather on that moisturizer at night after a quick splash of water. I would also smooth it on in the mornings before I put on my makeup. Here's how I decided on the best moisturizer to use.

Olay and My Grandmother's Skin

I used Oil of Olay moisturizer—or beauty lotion, I think it's called—to start with because it was what my mother used at the time. It went on easily enough, with its thin, creamy texture. It was easy to use, not too slimy, and the cost was just fine for my budget. I used Oil of Olay (now just called Olay) for years until I visited my grandmother in the nursing home.

That's another story. My grandma was just in the nursing home temporarily after a fall. She ended up going back home to live on her own until 93 years of age. (I miss you, Grandma!) But I digress. So what does a visit to the nursing home have to do with choosing what kind of face cream to use? Wrinkles. It was wrinkles, my friend.

My grandma had a roommate while there, and there was a huge difference in the amount of wrinkles on her face as compared to my grandmother's face. This lady was about the same age as my grandma, in her 80s or so at the time. Yet her face was so much smoother than my grandmother's multi-wrinkled face. (Sorry, Grandma.)

The conversation got to moisturizer somehow. Maybe because this lady's skin was so dadgum smooth! She said that she had used Pond's Cold Cream since she was about 30 years old. Thirty? She didn't start any earlier? Nope. Right there, being only in my 20s, I decided it was time to make the switch from Oil of Olay to Pond's Cold Cream.

Pond's Cold Cream

So, all those years ago (we won't say how many), I started using Pond's Cold Cream. It is quite a bit thicker than Oil of Olay, and it feels great. It didn't take long until that feel of Pond's became my friend. It goes on so smoothly. My face just sucks up that thick moisture from that luscious cream. I've tried Oil of Olay since the switch and can hardly stand its texture anymore. Give me my Pond's!

Pond's was more expensive than Oil of Olay when I started using it, but it was totally worth it. I'm not sure how the two brands compare today. At any rate, my little jar of Pond's lasts a long time. And sometimes I even find a coupon for it!

I told one of my brothers about the story of Pond's Cold Cream, the wrinkle-free 80-year-old, how good it feels on the skin—and he started using it! Why shouldn't men also use moisturizer? Sure, they age more gracefully—dadgum them!—but Pond's helps them to maintain their youthful appearance longer. All skin starts drying out, but Pond's combats dryness and leaves skin feeling so good. My brother started using the cream years ago and loves it!

Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream—it has pretty packaging, don't you think?

Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream—it has pretty packaging, don't you think?

But What About Jergens Face Cream?

In the photo to the right is another competitor, Jergens. I only bought Jergens a few years ago because it was marked down to mega-cheap. I didn't open it up for a while since I didn't want to be taken away from my Pond's, but my frugality finally got the better of me.

Jergens is really thick, but it feels pretty good on the skin. I'm trying to use it up so I can go back solely to my Pond's Cold Cream. I use the Jergens in the mornings and Pond's at night. I figured that was a good compromise. The Jergens is getting low, so soon I'll be back to Pond's only.

Cold Cream or Dry Skin Cream?

I've been saying "Cold Cream" for this entire article, but I realize that the label says "Dry Skin Cream." I'm thinking at some point it may have been called cold cream and I didn't notice the switch? I don't know. It's something I'm going to look into. It still feels the same—wonderful—as it ever has to me, regardless of the name.

Do You Look Younger Than Your Age?

I have always been told that I look much younger than my age. When I was in my mid-30s, I was hit on by a senior working at Braum's. I told him I was much older than he. He said, "Well, I'm a senior." In college? "No, high school." Are you kidding me? Thanks, Pond's Cold Cream.

At my 20-year high school class reunion, I received the "least changed award." Yep. Thanks again, Pond's Cold Cream.

I don't know if Pond's is the thing to credit. I do know that I'm not good at taking off my makeup at night. I'm not good at drinking enough water to hydrate the skin. But I do use my cold cream twice a day. If it's late, I might even skip a nighttime application, but I don't miss the ones after my morning shower.

Do you use moisturizer? What is your favorite? Do you think it makes you look younger than your biological age?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: I find Pond's cold cream feels soothing to the skin as a moisturizer; calming in fact! Do you agree?

Answer: Yes, I agree! It feels very soothing on my skin! I use it morning, night, and always after a shower or rinsing my face.

© 2013 Victoria Lynn


Susan bukowski on January 11, 2019:

I read where Jacky Kennedy slathered it on her entire body before going in the water........swimming, scuba diving. That sold me

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on November 05, 2017:

Mary, I love it! I love the feel of it on my skin and couldn't use anything else now! Thanks for your comment!

Mary Wickison from USA on November 05, 2017:

Well, I just learned a thing or two. I love Ponds Cold Cream, but I use it to take off my makeup. I didn't realize I could just use it as a moisturizer, how silly of me.

I have a jar and will begin using it tonight.

Thanks for this.

woodyranger on October 26, 2017:

I am a dude who works outdoors, and cold cream is the best. Portable, soothing and not fussy. My skin looks good on my 50 year old mug. Awesome when kept in fridge or cooler in summer. Great for hot cracked feet, also.

lana wolsky on April 19, 2017:

I used Ponds for years so did my mother who looked great at 75 yrs old I am 72 now and had to quit using ponds because I started getting skin cancer of the face I think sunbathing played a big part but also the fact Ponds has cancer causing Paraben in it. I wish the company who makes Ponds would take that out of there product if they did I would start using it again. Alot of other products have started taking Paraben out of their products.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on January 15, 2017:

Linda, that's great to know! Awesome!

Linda Bennett on January 06, 2017:

When a was a teenager sporting the teenage acne, yes not pimples, but acne..Ponds cold cream cleared me up truly. I have no scarring either. Still using decades later.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on October 24, 2016:

Yes, that's right, Forever Young. I accidentally got the green lidded one once when wanting the moisturizer. ;-)

ForeverYoung1954 on October 17, 2016:

They are two different products. The Cold Cream with the green lid is for removing makeup, the dry skin cream with the blue lid is for moisturizing.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 27, 2016:


I just now noticed that I put up the wrong picture! It's the dry skin cream that I use, but I've always called it cold cream. I wonder if there was a name change at some point? I'm a bit confused, but I'll look into it. I did buy the Cold Cream cleanser at one time and did leave it on. I evidently thought it worked as well. They must have been out of the dry skin cream. So did the on ein blue used to be called Ponds Original Daily Moisturizer? Have you tried the Dry Skin Cream? If so, do you think it works as well as Ponds Original Daily Moisturizer. I don't see that one on the shelves here. I wonder if it used to be. Thanks for your comments and questions. You really made me think.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 25, 2016:

Theresa, Thanks for your comment! After all this time, because of your comment, I realize my mistake in posting the wrong picture. I use the Dry Skin Cream with the blue cap, but I did at one time buy the one with the green cap (on accident, I think), and I did leave it on as it was very moisturizing. That was the only time I used it, though. Now I'm using the one with the blue cap. Thanks for your comment! I need to get the correct picture on there!

Grace on September 21, 2016:

Hi, I'm from the Philippines and I used to use the Pond's Original Daily Moisturizer to moisturize my face since I was 20, used it for about 15 years until they stopped making it. I did look younger for my age. But since they stopped making the Pond's Original Daily Moisturizer, I'm never able to find a substitute as great as it anymore. I have dry skin and it looks like it's catching up already, I'm now 44. I never tried the Ponds Cold Cream as I thought it's only good as cleanser and make-up remover and would be harsh if it is used as a leave-on moisturizer.

So from your experience, you use Ponds Cold Cream as a leave-on moisturizer and does it work like the Ponds Original Daily Moisturizer?

How different is the Cold Cream as leave-on moisturizer from other Ponds products I see in the US - the Dry Skin Cream and the Crema S?

Thanks in advance for your reply. :)

Theresa on September 15, 2016:

I thought the Ponds Cold Cream (with green cap) was only supposed to be used for cleansing but not left on as a moisturizer. Do you leave it on as a moisturizer, or use it as a cleanser?

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on March 26, 2016:

Kimberleyclarke--I love Pond's! I've tried different things, and I just don't like the texture and feel of other cold creams. I love how Pond's feels. Creamy but not sticky. Love it!

Kimberley Clarke from England on March 26, 2016:

You have me intrigued! I currently spend around £70 for 50ml of my L'Occitane face cream (Divine Cream), but I think I might splash out on some Pond's to help my money go even further! Thank you for the tip.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on March 19, 2015:

Lori--I've never heard of Monsia! :-)

Lori on March 19, 2015:

I prefer Monsia! :p

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on December 07, 2014:

Peg, I used to use Oil of Olay but just couldn't go back once I tried the Pond's texture. I think it's good, though, too. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on December 03, 2014:

Hi Victorialynn, Recently I was shopping at the Dollar Store and saw the Pond's cold cream. Remembering the wonderful texture and smell of the moisturizer, I bought a jar and have been using it lately for a night cream and moisturizer. During the day I still use the Oil of Olay that I've used for years - not the ones with added wrinkle reducer and shrinking chemicals. Just the original formula. I believe that the less complex emulsions are what works best. Thank you for sharing your beauty secrets here.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on December 10, 2013:

Gosh, dianna, you have tried all sorts of things! I've never tried milk cream. I think I'll just stick to my Ponds since it works so well. :-)

dianna on December 10, 2013:

i also like ponds and jergens too. i make my own cold cream as well and use olive oil and orange flower water.

my last batch of home-made cold cream isn't as moisturizing! so guess what? in desperation i am using ponds again.

i've tried cream in the past (milk cream as above) and hate the smell it leaves on my skin.

i did use ghee that i scented with lavender EO for years and it works great - but after a couple of years my sheet and pajamas started smelling like rancid cheese! i had to wash and wash and wash! not that i hadn't been washing all along - but somehow the ghee built up in my sheets and pajamas.

does one have this problem with the milk cream leaving a smell? every time i have used it my boyfriend claims i later smell like rotten milk! and i am rinsing it off... yogurt works slightly better in terms of leaving a smell... it could be that we just have very sensitive noses or that it is warmer here than where you are. but i agree milk products do moisturize very well - esp. ghee and full fat greek yogurt. :)

i've also tried powdered milk and encountered the same 'smell' issue.

bah... right now un-natural for me because no complaints from the boyfriend and my sheets don't end up smelly... they also do with the olive oil after a while :( all these natural oils go rancid. make sure you get them all out of your bedding - i thought i was :D but i was using my home-made laundry soap and/or soapnuts and it just wasn't getting it out evidently.

had to switch to arm and hammer to get them back to 'clean' again. now i'm using the doctor bronner's sal suds which is also a detergent. seems our water here can't do well with natural soaps even with a vinegar rinse or borax added. sigh

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on November 26, 2013:

bethperry--I noticed that, too, with Ponds. I just buy the one for dry skin now--with the blue cap. I have some Jergens that was majorly discounted, so I bought it a while ago. I'm trying to use it up, so I can get back into my Ponds. I agree that Jergens is too oily, really, but it's okay. Thanks for your comments!

Beth Perry from Tennesee on November 24, 2013:

I use a moisturizer several times a day, though only need a cold cream when removing make-up. My favorite for this purpose is Pond's Cold Cream, although last time I went to purchase all the stores were out of it and I had to get Jergens. The Jergens works, but I find it too oily for eye areas.

Speaking of moisturizers, my favorite leave-on moisturizer - Pond's original Daily Moisturizer- isn't made anymore. It was simple and worked absolutely perfectly for my skin type. I have tried many others since it went out of production, but nothing has ever compared.

Great article, voted up.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on November 19, 2013:

vespawoolf--I'd be curious to know if Pond's breaks you out. Let me know if you try it!

Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on November 18, 2013:

Both yours and your grandmother's positive outcome with Pond's cold cream sounds like enough evidence for me. There is something to say about the old classics. And another positive for me is that Pond's can be purchased in Peru. I'll look into only concern is that it may break out my sensitive skin. If not, it will be a great find for me. Thank you for sharing!

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on October 09, 2013:

Hey, Effer, that's good to know about genetics! I don't take the best care of my skin (I do the moisturizer pretty religiously), but I do have the genetics going for me, so that's awesome. Oh, and you are one hot Gram! No--great gram! Incredible!

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on October 08, 2013:

Thelma Alberts --I'll bet olive oil works well. I've thought about using coconut oil!

Suzie from Carson City on October 07, 2013:

My mother used Ponds & Jergens & Lanolin &, my sister and I did too, for years. "Moisturizing" day & night, after washing with a mild NO-Soap cleaner, is the very best thing one can do for their skin (especially the over-exposed face) well as STAYING OUT OF THE DIRECT SUN (with OR without sun screen) also, staying hydrated & just living healthy.

All of this said.....NOTHING...and I mean, absolutely nothing used externally, or taken internally, results in naturally smooth, young-looking skin like GENETICS. Every woman ever born, only need look at their biological parents at a specific age, to know almost to "exact" how they themselves will look at that same age. Yes, one can manage to destroy their skin in many ways....or maintain it, as well...but I am speaking of "basically" and MORE often than not. If your Mom has crinkly/wrinkly skin at the age of 45......start saving for that facelift. If her face is like a baby's butt at 75...YOU are in very good shape!! Hey Vee, are BEAUTIFUL....if I was a guy, I'd hit on you too! LOL......and as long as we're bragging.....When people find out I'm a 65 year old Great Gram.....they literally call me a LIAR! and that's the ONLY time I don't mind being called a nasty word!!...LOL.....UP+++Bubbles to yews!

Thelma Alberts from Germany on October 07, 2013:

Thanks for reminding me my younger years when I was using Ponds and Jergens in college and Olay in my mid 20´s and 30´s. Now I´m using olive oil for my face and it´s great. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful. Have a great week!

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on October 06, 2013:

moonlake Thanks for the input! Hope you have a great week! :-)

moonlake from America on October 03, 2013:

I tried Oil of Olay and broke out in pimples. I like Ponds it is thick and I do use it but only in winter when I really need it. I use something lighter in the summer. I can't believe someone only started using creams in her 30's. I can't remember a time I didn't use them. Voted up.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on October 03, 2013:

pstraubie Glad to see you. I knew you wouldn't go far! I do think something is good to keep the skin from drying out, to keep the moisture in. Where are my angels? :-)

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on October 02, 2013:


I like Ponds. I use it sometimes too. I really do not use too much on my skin. I have products but just don't use them so much..I use a light cream to protect against the sun's rays mainly.

But I am sharing this with my family who does use such creams on a regular basis. A lot of people think they need to buy the most expensive when really that is not the case.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 15, 2013:

Crystal--Yes, those two certainly seem to be popular. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Crystal Tatum from Georgia on September 14, 2013:

It's an oldie but a goodie. I know so many ladies who have used this for years. My mom uses it and she has great skin at 71. Also, Oil of Olay seems to be a winner - whenever I see an older lady with great skin I ask what they use and usually it's Ponds or Olay.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 11, 2013:

Thanks, Eddy! Always great to see you!

Eiddwen from Wales on September 11, 2013:

So useful and very interesting Victoria.

Have a great day and I vote up for sure.


Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 06, 2013:

Faith--I have only been writing one or two bubbles per day. It still brings in some money, so that's okay. Every bit helps. See you over there soon, I hope. I look forward to reading your first bubble.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on September 05, 2013:

5 bucks ... cannot beat that for sure! Oh, the type of moisturizer I have been using now, (I left off part of the name) Oil of Olay Reginerist micro-sculpting cream lol ... I think that is the key, the "micro-sculpting" part.

Have a lovely evening bouncing back and forth to your bubbles. Still have not had a chance to get over there yet to write anything.

Hugs, Faith Reaper

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 05, 2013:

DzyMsLizzy--Maybe you have enough natural oils then. I don't wear much makeup--and only on occasions--but I like how the moisturizer makes my skin feel. No too dry. I don't mind the wrinkles so much, but I don't like the dryness, and I love how my face feels when I use it. :-) It's good that you don't need it!

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 05, 2013:

Minnetonka Twin--Nice to see you! I just like how the moisturizer feels on my face, if nothing else. I love the old commercials, too! :-)

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 05, 2013:

Faith Reaper--Thanks for the lovely compliment! I'll take that any day! Yep, I remember the pink Oil of Olay bottle, too. Then it became clear!

Yes, Noxzema is very refreshing! I have used it for cleansing before. I'm not out in the sun much either. Oh, and the cost? I pay only about 5 bucks for the little jar of Pond's. But it's not the rejuvenating stuff, so maybe that's the difference. And, yes, pick up some for hubby! Thanks for all the great comments!

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 04, 2013:

Thanks, Vellur, for the input. I agree!

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 04, 2013:

Thanks, Angela, for that input. It's always great to have other options. Glad you enjoyed the hub!

Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on September 04, 2013:

I dunno. I've only used this in the past for removing things like stubborn Halloween makeup.

To me, it feels very greasy, and I've always had trouble with oily skin, so the last thing I want to do is rub greasy lotion on my face.

I don't wear makeup at all...too much trouble. I look the way I look and if that displeases anyone, they are free to look away.

We have too much of a youth-worship culture, and the aging and elderly are regarded as useless old fossils instead of valued for their years of experience.

Yes, I have wrinkles...some smile lines; some frown lines. But--I don't care! I am me, and I am who I am.

The article was interesting, but I'm not a buyer of "beauty products" at all.

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on September 04, 2013:

This is such a great review on Pond's skin cream. I've never been real big on using lotion but I guess I should. I really appreciate your story of how you started using Pond's. You sold me Victoria. Voted up ++++

BTW-I loved watching those old commercials. It really brought back memories.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 04, 2013:

Nellieanna--You have so many great tips. I am bad about not washing my face at night. I usually just rinse and put on my night cream. I don't wear much makeup, though, so maybe the effect aren't too bad. I do wash my face in the shower pretty well, so maybe it's okay. I should do more before bed, I'm sure. I think I'm going to try the whipping cream. You have me curious. And I think you're right about the same things not always working. Aging skin does need gentler methods. I would think the lemon and sea salt might be harsh on some skin.

At any rate, I've enjoyed reading what you have to say about the topic. I'm adding whipping cream to my grocery list. It's good in coffee, too! :-)

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 04, 2013:

epbooks--It's never too late to start. As I said, that lady I saw didn't start until about 30! And maybe you just have good genetics!

Faith Reaper from southern USA on September 03, 2013:

Hi lovely and young-looking, Victoria,

Yes, I remember seeing both the Pond's Cold Cream and that pink Oil of Olay bottle growing up that my mother used. Don't know if she would swap out or use both at the same time, but I remember seeing both.

My mother had lovely skin. When she was in her 60s, people thought she looked 40, as her skin was so smooth. A lot of people say I look younger than I am, and I always thought it was just genetics.

After I left home, I would try a variety of moisturizers, and would always go back to Pond's Cold Cream and sometimes the Oil of Olay. Then as the years went on, I would try different things. As a teenager, I would use Noxema, if you can remember that and I remember loving how it made my face feel so cool and refreshed.

Here of late, I have been using that Regenerist Anti-Aging cream by Olay of Oil, and it works very well. I think the most important anti-aging thing that anyone could do for their skin is sunscreen, but I am not out in the sun that much, as when I was younger and just stayed on the beach for hours. So, I just make sure my makeup has a good SPF in it, plus I believe the moisturizer has it in it too, if I am not mistaken.

Having said all of that, you have placed that thought of Pond's Cold Cream in my head, and I am going to get some and try it again. The one I now use is about the same price of approximately $26.00.

Very useful hub here and really fun to read as to the extras included. Oh, I may need extra for the hubby too : )

Up and more ...sharing

Blessings, Faith Reaper

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on September 03, 2013:

Great review, Pond's Cold Cream is great for the skin and has a light texture. It is a great moisturizer.

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 03, 2013:

mpropp--I would think that using anything would help--unless it's just not good for your skin!

Angela Blair from Central Texas on September 03, 2013:

I, too, am a Ponds fan -- BUT a couple of years ago found a somewhat "miracle" for dry skin -- safflower oil! I'd read an article on it so decided to give it a try -- face and body -- and it works wonders, is relatively inexpensive and ideal for ageing dry skin that's had a lot of sun (just rub in on the skin while skin is still damp after a shower/bath or face wash and it goes right in). Excellent article -- enjoyed it immensely! Best/Sis

Nellieanna Hay from TEXAS on September 03, 2013:

Victoria, that advice from the M.K. dermatologist was in the mid 1980s, and may have been one person's opinion or the products may have evolved in the interim, now. I'm sure it is good for many who use it. Goodness knows, I sold a lot of it to my customers, in good faith.

I sort of prefer to think of my method as trial and sensitive awareness. What one does at 22 may not serve at 35, which may not serve at 49, and so on. Now in my 80s, it's another era again! I've changed my products and methods by being aware of how my skin responds as it changes over the years.

Even at 22, my skin tended to be somewhat dry. At that time, my great discovery was Nivea cream, which served me well for quite awhile until they changed the formula and added formaldehyde, which my skin did not like. Up till then, though, it was wonderful. Perhaps no product is forever.

Yes, I do still use the whipping cream as a face cleanser and makeup remover. When I've traveled, I just carry a small cooler with ice to keep it, & usually at the destination, it's possible to put it in a fridge. At home, I clean my face with it in the downstairs bathroom, close to the kitchen. I've carried it upstairs in a cooler in the past, but it's just as easy to do it downstairs. But yes, it does require some planning, though - no question about that, which was why I got the Ponds to use when it was really inconvenient.

But the whipping cream is so effective, which makes up for the bother! It also has a good pH balance, with the lactic acid in it and it's moisturizing, too. I read about this in a book about 37 years ago, "Winning the Age Game", by Gloria Heidi. The author mentioned that this was one of Cleopatra's beauty secrets. ;-) The author also emphasizes attitude as a beauty treatment, - feeling & thinking youthfully.

I just pour about a teaspoonful of the cream in the cup of my palm, rub both palms together and spread it over my face, massaging it a bit as I apply it. It needs to be removed before it thickens, by tissuing it off. I wear only a little makeup now so one tissuing does it, but when I've worn more, I've tissued with clean tissues several times till they come clean. After tissuing, I rinse repeatedly with warm water, followed by several cool water rinses, then dry vigorously with a clean white terry washcloth. This is my exfoliation method these days. I've used other kinds of exfoliation, including fine oatmeal and another one suggested in a book I found about 19 years ago, "Anita Guyton's Anti-Wrinkle Plan", which emphasizes clean skin, good diet, & hydration, first and foremost at every age, & in which she shared this beauty secret: a little fresh lemon juice in the palm to which one adds a little sea salt to make a little paste to sort of 'scrub' a moist clean face, then thoroughly rinse. I found it best to moisten first and after with a little jojoba oil. I did this for several years, & it was a beneficial exfoliator, but eventually I realized when it was no longer best for my skin. I think we always must be aware of & sensitive to what our skin (& our entire body) 'tell' us, don't you? Certainly as one ages, the skin becomes thinner and less resilient. But I don't believe in being so cautious that dead skin cells build up, clogging the pores and looking dull! So the terry cloth wash and dry serves that function now.

There was also a time when my skin benefitted from steaming with chamomile leaves from my herb garden. in a pot of water, but that became a little too 'much' for it, too. Of course, to produce steam takes boiling water, which can be a bit harsh. However, at the time, it cleared out built-up impurities in my pores, and they've remained clear ever since, using other good skin care habits. I just never go to bed without cleaning and moisturizing my face - never, no matter how late I get to bed. ;-) It may be the most effective beauty secret of all. But what works, is what one should do! That's my policy and I do think it's worked well! Thank you for saying so! Hugs.

Elizabeth Parker from Las Vegas, NV on September 03, 2013:

Thank you for sharing! I do use moisturizer too, but will admit I never used it in high School (or yikes, even in my 20s) but I love it. I forget the name of mine- got it at Ulta. I'll have to look it up soon!

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 03, 2013:

Ruchira--Nice to see another Pond's lover! :-)

Melissa Propp from Minnesota on September 03, 2013:

I have extremely dry skin, so I always use a moisturizer (and I started off with oil of olay because of my mom...). I have never been loyal to any brand, however, switching frequently and trying new things. I hope that doesn't hurt me in the long run. Of course now, I think I will have to try some Ponds!

Ruchira from United States on September 03, 2013:


I love pond's cream and even use it today. It is so effective during cold season.

Loved your review :)

Victoria Lynn (author) from Arkansas, USA on September 03, 2013:

Nellieanna, I love hearing about what you have tried over the years. I am surprised that Mary Kay is hard on the skin. Probably natural is best. So are you using the whipping cream now? What do you do? Just rub it on? And it moisturizes? I've never heard of that, but it sounds neat. Yes, keeping it on hand all the time could be a problem. Thanks again for your valuable input. From your photo, your trial and error over the years seems to have worked for you, too!

Nellieanna Hay from TEXAS on September 03, 2013:

I had a good friend who swore by Pond's Cold Cream. I have some in my medicine cabinet. I bought it as a cleanser to supplement the cleanser I've used since the late 1970s: dairy whipping cream and plenty of clear water rinse.

For moisturizer, I prefer several very natural items, such as jojoba oil, lanolin and a couple of health store products, ShiKai's Borage lotion and Now's Wrinkle Rescue. As you may know - I'm 81 so I have a lot of experience! haha!

I was a Mary Kay Director in the 1980s and, of course, used the products. I can say something for having a regular skincare routine, whatever it is. But I was turned off those products when their own dermatologist told me I'd ruin my skin if I kept using them! I'd been using the whipping cream all along so, for the rest of my routine I turned to other do-it-myself things, including things from my own herb garden and fridge, such as actual avocado, banana, lemon, and even went back to oatmeal masks I'd used as a teen.

Other life demands made using all those inconvenient, plus the one inconvenience I simply live with: keeping whipping cream refrigerated. So I switched to expensive commercial lines, starting with Clinique and then Estee Lauder's Renutriv - which I used for YEARS. But the trade-off between modest results and growing expense convinced me it wasn't worth it, and could even be making more problems, as well as doing minimal good, while exhausting my budget.

So back to more natural items, starting with some good things from the drugstore; but eventually finding my best solutions to be the items I use now.

Of course, good skincare, like any other good care of important body organs, begins with and depends upon good diet, proper exercise and rest and other common sense avoidance of harmful intake, along with one's consistent skin care habits, whatever products and/or routine one uses!

I'm really happy to hear that you've found Ponds a great face cream and moisturizer, Victoria. I thought my friend who loved it looked good, too!