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My Review of the Skull Stem Cell Face Serum by Corpore Sanctum Studio

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Review of a skincare serum that comes in a spooky, skull-shaped bottle.

Review of a skincare serum that comes in a spooky, skull-shaped bottle.

Sanctum Skincare

As many of you are already aware, I am very selective when it comes to trying out new products, mostly because my skin is highly sensitive and usually breaks out whenever I make even slight changes to my regime. But when I found Corpore Sanctum Studio, I simply couldn't resist their skull care selection, which in turn led me to learn more about this amazing company.

I realise that some of you may not have heard of Corpore Sanctum Studio before, so I think it's important that I give you all a little bit of background on what the company is all about and, of course, their values. This way, you will understand my reasons for supporting this brand as much as I do.

Corpore Sanctum Studio is a British cruelty-free, natural and ethical beauty brand that offers high-quality products in novelty packaging to both men and women. Of course, many companies claim to have their customer's best interests at heart, but, with Corpore Sanctum Studio, this truly is the case. The welcoming and positive attitude shows exactly how passionate they are, both about their products and their customers alike.

The logo.

The logo.

Awesome Packaging

After your order is complete there is a general waiting time of between 5–7 days for your chosen items to be dispatched as most products are made to order, ensuring that you always receive them at their highest quality. So as you can imagine, I have been patiently, but very excitedly, awaiting my order from C/S Studio to arrive.

I'm pleased to say I recently received my very own bottle of their Stem Cell Face Serum, which I, of course, could not wait to tell you guys all about. I don't know about you, but I HATE seeing clusters of ugly plastic bottles on my dressing table or piling up in drawers where I've attempted to hide them from view. There's nothing worse in my opinion. So, if any of you are at all like me, then this stunningly-spooky skull-shaped bottle alone will have you completely obsessed with these products.

These iconic skull bottles come in two different versions, clear glass (Volcanic Face Scrub) and matte black (Stem Cell Face Serum). The bottle itself is very weighted and well crafted, which reiterates that this company doesn't do anything by half measures. If they're going to make something, it's going to be incredibly well executed, and trust me when I say that they don't leave any details out.

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The bottle.

The bottle.

Awesome Product!

You know the old saying, ''It's what's on the inside that counts''? Well, as much as I adore this bottle, I am even more in love with the serum that it contains.

Skull Stem Cell Face Serum is made from a variety of natural, organic components that aim to plump and hydrate skin and ensure it maintains a healthy and youthful appearance. It also contains ''Gotu Kola Stem Cell Extract'' which has healing properties and therefore helps reduce scarring. This product is also completely gender-neutral, and it retails for £29.00.

Upon opening the bottle, you are lured in by an incredibly aromatic, floral scent much like that of a very expensive perfume. Having the dropper feature makes applying the serum very quick and easy to do, and due to the consistency, you won't need a lot for a full face application, meaning this product should definitely last you a while. Unlike a lot of other serums on the market, this one dries very quickly and the effects, once applied, are almost immediate.

Although I haven't been using this product long I have already noticed that my skin, apart from looking healthier and having a natural glow, is also more taut which gives me confidence that this serum is doing everything it's supposed to. I have also noticed that my acne scarring and breakouts appear to be a lot calmer and easier to manage.

Corpore Sanctum also generously offer a free sample of your choice with each order and have a featured monthly sample for their customers to enjoy. Not only that, but they also have a prize wheel on their website that allows you to win discount vouchers to be used on your orders.

Try It Out!

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