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3 DIY Homemade Face Scrub Recipes for Oily Skin

I love discovering and sharing DIY beauty tips, especially all-natural solutions that you can easily make at home.

Awesome DIY face scrubs for those with oily skin issues! All-natural, pure, safe and lovingly homemade recipes!

Awesome DIY face scrubs for those with oily skin issues! All-natural, pure, safe and lovingly homemade recipes!

Make Your Own Face Scrubs Using Your Pantry!

With just a few items from your kitchen pantry, you can whip up some effective homemade face scrubs without having to worry about the toxic substances and chemicals in artificial, store-bought ones. Using your own homemade scrubs is the way to go if you're apprehensive about putting chemical products on your face.

We'll look at three amazingly simple and easy to make scrubs in this article, each will have a different focus:

  1. Cleansing (Oatmeal, Honey, and Yogurt Mask)
  2. Moisturizing (Baking Soda, Honey, and Lemon Mask)
  3. Exfoliating (Brown Sugar, Olive Oil, and Honey Mask)

1. Oatmeal, Honey, and Yogurt Cleansing Mask

To prevent acne, you need to deep cleanse your face to get rid of the dirt, grime, pollution and germs lodged within your pores. This simple recipe uses only three ingredients: oatmeal, honey and yogurt. These are all powerful acne-fighting foods that can be topically applied to acne-prone skin.

Before we get into it, let's glance through the benefits each of the ingredients offers your skin.

IngredientBenefit for skin


Natural absorbent. Deep cleanses pores hence removing excess sebum and germs. Gently exfoliates and nourishes oily skin.


Rich in lactic acid, lightens blemishes, cleanses pores and removes deeply lodged sebum, which can cause pimples in oily skin.


Has anti bacterial and anti septic properties. Kills germs and bacteria that are responsible for acne. Gently moisturizes oily skin.


  • 1 tablespoon oatmeal
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon yogurt


  1. Mix all the above ingredients in a small mixing bowl.
  2. Using clean fingertips, rub the mixture in a circular motion, starting with your chin to your forehead.
  3. After two minutes, rinse off with warm water. Splash cold water on your face to close up the pores.
  4. Pat dry with a soft towel.


  • Gather your hair away from your face into a ponytail. This is to prevent it from getting onto your hair.
  • Do facial steaming before hand to open up your pores.
  • Do not make the mix too dry and chunky. If it is a bit chunky, you can always add more yogurt or honey. Oatmeal is an exfoliator and too much of it will over-exfoliate your skin, robbing it of all the natural oils. This will cause your skin to produce more oils and cause more acne!
Super moisturizing face scrub for oily skin! Leaves your skin cleansed and moisturized to control oiliness.

Super moisturizing face scrub for oily skin! Leaves your skin cleansed and moisturized to control oiliness.

2. Baking Soda, Honey, and Lemon Moisturizing Mask

The moisturizing face scrub works wonders for oily skin! It uses three simple ingredients; baking soda, honey and lemon juice. Baking soda is a gentle cleanser that rids oily skin of its excess sebum as well as dirt and pollution. Honey has anti-bacterial properties for fighting acne, while lemon is great for oil control.

IngredientBenefit for Skin

Baking Soda

Gets rid of dirt, grime, pollution and excess sebum from deep within the pores. Unclogs pores hence preventing pimples.


Cleanses skin and removes excess sebum. Destroys germs that cause acne. Moisturizes oily skin.

Lemon Juice

Natural astringent. Has disinfecting properties that kill off acne causing germs on the skin's surface which prevents breakouts on oily skin.


  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey


  1. Stir all the above ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  2. Using clean fingers, rub the mixture into your face using a circular motion.
  3. After two minutes, rinse thoroughly.
  4. Pat dry with a soft clean towel.


  • Use only small amounts of lemon juice and baking soda, as these two ingredients may burn skin if used in excess.
  • Be gentle on your skin when rubbing on your face. Scrubbing too hard can cause irritation and redness.
  • Test this on a small patch of your skin to verify that you are not allergic to baking soda or any of the ingredients. If it causes itchiness or redness, do not use on your body.
Got oily skin? Definitely try out this brown sugar face mask that will exfoliate and refresh your skin cells by exfoliating them completely.

Got oily skin? Definitely try out this brown sugar face mask that will exfoliate and refresh your skin cells by exfoliating them completely.

3. Brown Sugar, Olive Oil, and Honey Exfoliating Mask

Using brown sugar, olive oil and honey, use this to exfoliate your face, giving it a youthful glow. This exfoliating scrub absorbs excess sebum on skin and moisturizes oily skin. It also eliminates dead cells on the surface of the skin and removes unsightly skin peels, common with acne.

What are the benefits these ingredients provide for your skin? Let's find out below!

IngredientBenefit for Skin

Brown Sugar

A natural humectant. Moisturizes and lubricates skin as well as removes excess oils from deep within skin pores.


Kills germs on the surface of the skin. Removes excess sebum on skin's surface.

Olive Oil

Unclogs pores. Deep cleanses skin by pushing out 'bad' oil from within skin pores.


  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil


  1. Add the brown sugar, honey, and olive oil into a bowl and stir well with a spoon.
  2. Using clean fingertips, rub the mixture onto your face working from your chin upwards, going in a circular motion.
  3. After two minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water until all the mixture is off your face. Splash your face with cold water to close your skin pores.
  4. Pat dry with a towel. Enjoy the silky feel of your skin!


  • Make sure your mix isn't too chunky, or it may scratch up your face. If its too chunky, add a little more honey to it.
  • If you don't have brown sugar, white sugar will do. Brown sugar is gentler on skin and can be used for super sensitive skin.
  • Don't be harsh. Brown sugar is good for removing excess oils on oily skin but rubbing it too harshly on skin may strip off all the natural oils in your skin. This will cause your body to produce more oils!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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Liwia on May 01, 2020:

I have sensitive skin can u help me with some good products

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Sneha on April 17, 2018:

Can we store the exfoliating cream for a month and use?

Sophia on February 09, 2018:

Can this be made in a bigger quantity and stored? If so, upto how much time can it be lept? on October 12, 2017:

I use the exfoliating recipe evey three days. Works wonders!!! It helps with my oily skin.

Sanelisiwe on July 24, 2017:

Will definitely try these recipes. My skin so oily makes me very uncomfortable.

Nancy Collins on July 06, 2017:

how often should you use the scrub on your face?

Brownall002 on December 21, 2016:

So do I go in order or can I start with any one?

Mari on September 28, 2016:

When you mix baking soda with lemon juice it will just neutralize the acid, right? So how does a neutral solution benefit your skin?

Shelly on July 16, 2016:

How often can I use the egg whites, honey and lemon mask? Also, can I store the rest in the fridge?

jijie on May 31, 2016:

this worked great

Amna on April 25, 2016:

Hi, i have made a mixture of honey, baking powder and lemon but it is not a scrub it is an exfoliating mask. what should i do? i want a scrub.

Rylee on March 16, 2016:

Can I substitute coconut sugar for brown sugar?

Rebecca on July 13, 2015:

Love this!! Can I use baking powder instead of baking soda?

k on February 28, 2015:

the 2nd one works really well!! your face will feel REALLY soft

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on February 21, 2015:

Great tips and recipes on homemade face scrubs. It would save you money to do at home than buying store-brought products. Great work!

Shannon on January 21, 2015:

I have oily skin also pores and blackheads I'd love to vanish! I just used the moisturizer face scrub for oily skin. Loved it. Gives a very nice glow. What else would you recommend me using and in what pattern? Thank you!

Richard de Mey from Scottsdale, Arizona on January 13, 2015:

ive been using oatmeal and honey to cleanse my face and also peanut oil. i can't believe how much cheaper it is to do a little research and use household natural ingredients to take care of our bodies.. or you can go to a dermatologist and buy expensive cleansing creams that do the same thing

Ady on January 08, 2015:

Can anyone recommend me a good face moisturizer?

Terrie Dawson from United States on November 11, 2014:

Well done!! A complete kitchen skincare thanks for sharing :)

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Thanku for sharing :) its so amazing. All the ingredients are present in my kitchen

craftybegonia from Southwestern, United States on August 24, 2014:

Very nice recipes!

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This is what I am looking for! This is so perfect for me, thank you for sharing this hub. DIY alternative is better than buying creams or powders.

Martiana on August 13, 2014:

Can I use Karo syrup as a substitute for the honey?

Angang on August 06, 2014:

Unfortunately I don't have oatmeat, brow sugar & baking soda in my house, can I replace brow sugar by sea salt?

Thank u for your helpful article

healthmunsta (author) on May 01, 2014:

Hey Samantha! You can definitely use the moisturizing scrub! Make sure you do not use a harsh face wash to wash your face after the scrub. In fact, you can skip the soap all together when washing out the mask. Tone your face with an astringent after drying your face, and your skin will be less oily throughout the day.

Samantha on May 01, 2014:

Hi! Thanks so much! :) I don't normally use any kind of moisturizer so would you recommend just doing the moisturizing scrub instead of exfoliating?

healthmunsta (author) on May 01, 2014:

Hi Samantha! Just choose one, depending on which ingredients you have available and which one appeals to you most! After exfoliating, it's recommended to use your customary moisturizer as it will help prevent your skin from producing oils in overdrive to compensate for the dryness after washing your face.

Samantha on May 01, 2014:

Should these scrubs be used one after another? Or should you just choose one? After exfoliating, should you use the moisturizer also?


healthmunsta (author) on April 14, 2014:

Hi Elizabeth, use the brown sugar exfoliating scrub once a week for soft, lovely skin.

Elizabeth on April 10, 2014:

I'm doing the olive oil, brown sugar, and honey scrub tonight. How often should it be repeated?

Anna B. on March 27, 2014:

Thanks! I did try a few of these and really liked them. Thanks for sharing!

healthmunsta (author) on March 26, 2014:

@lafessler: Did you know that honey is a natural preservative? Honey never goes bad. Each of these face masks here contains honey and can be stored for at least a week in your fridge. They can possibly be stored longer, but you need to try it out and see. Hope this helps!

Anna B. on March 03, 2014:

Can you store these for use over several days? I'm going to give at least one a try...thanks for sharing!

Dr. John Anderson from Australia on Planet Water on January 09, 2014:

This is a great idea. Natural is better! Worth a try.

healthmunsta (author) on January 08, 2014:

Yes, you definitely should give your face some special treatment tonight! Both brown sugar and baking soda are highly exfoliating and will scrape of all the dead cells and grime stuck deep within the pores. Baking soda can cause a tingly feeling that can make you feel like washing it off, but for effective results, make sure you keep on any face mask for minimum 5 minutes. Here's to beautiful skin, naturally!

Mackenzie Sage Wright on January 08, 2014:

Wow, I've heard of using things like oatmeal and honey but brown sugar and baking soda I have not heard of. These sound really good and I have most ingredients in my house, maybe I should pamper myself one night. I don't think I've given myself any kind of facial or beauty treatment like that in 10 years. Very nice hub.