Everything There Is To Know About Getting A Better Tan

Updated on April 22, 2012

It's that time of year again!

The sun is out, the temperatures are rising, and summer's on the foot of our doorsteps. Now how about that dry ghostly skin you want to show but feel like you can't. This article will give you the tips and tricks you need for beautiful glowy skin that you will be proud of and be able to show off in those shorts, summer dresses, and swimsuits.

5 Tips for All Types of Tanning

Whether you're bed tanning, spray tanning, or sun tanning here are some tips to get the most beautiful tan ever!

1. Smooth Equals Best Prepared Skin for Tanning

Not only is keeping your skin hairless good for attraction but it also lets you get a better tan! The sun and UV rays from bed and stand up tanner booths will be able to reach your skin easier without having to go through hair. Now with Spray Tanning, hairless legs is a must. If you spray tan when you have hair, the formula will stick to the hair follicles giving you little tiny dots every where. Make sure to shave or wax 24 hours before you tan.

To be able to be hairless free for up to 6 weeks! try waxing. Waxing typically lasts up to two weeks, but repeated waxing every two weeks should eventually get you to a point of having 6 nice weeks of being hair free. (of course every person is different.) You can wax at home or go to a professional which is recommended by many if doing a Brazilian Wax. Gigi is a good at home waxing brand to use.

2. Exfoliating Your Skin

Before tanning you should make sure you've exfoliated, actually tanning or not you should exfoliate your skin! Exfoliating with a loofah or scrubber helps get rid of the top layer of dead skin. If you exfoliate prior to tanning, your tan will start to develop on the fresh new skin that was underneath. Exfoliating around the parts that get driest really helps such as the feet and hands. The next tip goes hand and hand with exfoliating.


There is no point in tanning if your skin is dry and flaky. If your skin isn't moisturized not only is it harder to develop a tan, it also won't last. Our skin naturally flakes off but if your tanning with already dry skin, not only is it going to make it worse, your tan will also flake off with the skin, resulting in never being able to get a nice deep developed tan. Areas that you should focus on for moisturizing are the elbows, wrists, hands, knees, and feet (especially around the ankles). Moisturize the night before you tan and after you go tanning. Using baby oil after shaving and getting out of the shower is a trick I use that seems to work quite well. Also a good use to buff out spray tan mess ups.

My favorite lotions to use as moisturizers that are affordable are the Bodycology Lotions. They have wonderful smelling scents, they're smooth, deep penetrating into skin and you really can feel the moisturizing, a thicker constancy than most lotions which works better in my opinion. Not too thick though where you can't spread it, a little goes a long way. Bodycology Lotions can be found at most drugstores and online for as low as $4 for an 8oz! Personal favorite scent pictured above, Island Coconut. Mmm perfect for summer. (:

4.Modertation and Sunscreen Lotions

Whether you're tanning to get your vitamin D or your spray tanning to add some color remember to keep tanning in perspective. Tanning can increase your risk of cancer, especially the younger you start tanning. Receiving 5-30 minutes of sun several times a week on unprotected skin is healthy to receive vitamin D from the suns UVB rays. Keep in mind though you should always protect your skin with SPF when being exposed to the sun more than a few minutes at once. With sun tanning you should invest in a good SPF sunscreen such as Banana Boat Ultra Defense Sunblock Lotion SPF 50. Another good one I recommend that also helps develop a nice dark tan is Hawaiian Tropic Golden Tanning Dry Oil Sunscreen SPF 6. For indoor tanning, investing in an indoor tanning lotion will not only protect you but also help your tan develop darker and last longer. Millennium indoor tanning lotions work very well. Make sure to not purchase indoor tanning lotion at salons because they will be very expensive, instead of spending $80 a bottle spend $9-$20 online! Investing in a strong SPF moisturizer or lotion for your face is especially important. Your skin on your face is very thin and sensitive, to avoid aging and wrinkles use SPF on your face. Even SPF Foundations help more than nothing. See http://missamandadaboid.hubpages.com/hub/High-Quality-Makeup-For-Less for the two foundations I recommend for a cheaper budget! Lastly don't forget about your lips, use a lip balm that contains SPF to protect them.

Remember with bed tanning you can slowly moderate your tan, and the bed weeds out the most harmful rays, UVC. Talk to your local salon to see how much you should tan to develop a tan without burning. Oh yea, and burning to develop a tan IS NOT recommended. I've heard a lot of people say burning develops a quicker,deeper tan but this is FALSE. Burning will not necessarily even turn into a tan, it will just damage your skin severely and greatly increase your risk for skin cancer while leaving you in pain. Avoid burning at all costs!

5. Now That You Have Your Beautiful Tan, Make It Last

Making sure you keep up with tips 1-4 will guarantee a nice beautiful glowy tan. Make sure you don't get lazy with exfoliating, hair removing, or moisturizing. Make sure to not wear makeup, perfume, or deodorant when tanning because the products can take away from the UV rays and give you an uneven tan. Tanning without makeup on will also allow that stubborn face to get and maintain tan, don't forget to you SPF on it tho! (preferably SPF 15)

Enjoy your beautiful deep tan

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      • profile image

        Mal 2 years ago

        Actually Jessie Doles^^^ sometimes buying online is just fine, especially if the bottle is sealed completely, that way you know it hasn't been tampered with. :)

      • profile image

        Jessie Doles 2 years ago

        Buying lotions from someone other than a salon is not a good idea. You don't know what's in the bottle or if the lotion has been diluted with something else. There are a wide variety of bronzing lotions you can choose from. You don't have to buy the high end ones to get a nice tan. ProTan, Australian Gold & Swedish Beauty all have low to mid range priced lines to choose from & they work.


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