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Frugal Beauty Tips That Will Save You Money

PGupta0919 is a skincare nerd who likes to share her own learnings about the beauty industry!


Beauty Budget Tips

Often we tend to spend a lot of money on skincare products just because products are branded and your favorite celebrity or social media influencer is endorsing that particular product which did wonders for them. But do you feel that the branded products make your pockets smaller? We all have been through this. I feel your pain too.

In this article, I will be discussing some tips that can help you save money in your beauty regime.

Use Natural Ingredients

First and foremost, beauty does not have to be expensive. There are a lot of ways in which you can create your own routine using natural ingredients. Here are some of them that I tried out for myself, and have been really great for my skin.



Try using coconut oil for your skin. It acts as a natural moisturizer. At first, it might feel sticky on your skin. But as time passes, it absorbs quickly.

Make sure to try it on a small patch of your skin first before applying it to a larger surface.

Not only that, you use coconut oil as a makeup remover too.

Face Mist/Face Toner

Rose water can act as a natural toner. The benefits of rose water are as follows:

  • Rose water acts as a natural astringent
  • It also helps in balancing the skin’s pH level
  • It tightens pores and reduces skin irritation
  • It smells really good and hydrates your skin

You can DIY your own rose water using just water and some rose petals and purified water. It is so simple and super cost-effective.

Steps for Making Rose Water At Home

  1. Take around 5-6 roses and take out their petals. Wash the petals thoroughly to remove any residue from them.
  2. Dry the petals. In a large pan, take a small heavy container that has a circumference less than that of the larger pan and place it upside down.
  3. Around the smaller heavy container, place your rose petals around them uniformly and add water till it reaches the top of the upside-down container.
  4. Next, take another small container, and place it the right way on top of the upside-down container. This will be used to collect the rose water.
  5. Next, start the gas stove, to start boiling the water. Cover the lid with a flat surface and add a few ice cubes on top of it. This will ensure that the condensation of the rose water happens quickly.
  6. Stop after you see that the rose water has collected in the smaller container that was used to collect water.
  7. Store this rose water preferably in a glass container. This can be used for 3-4 months.

Google for more recipes. They are easily available and you can make your own in no time.


Body Scrub

The internet is home to tons of recipes for body scrubs. Here are a few recipes that are my personal favorites.

Coffee Scrub Recipe

  1. Take a bowl and add one spoon of granulated coffee, one spoon of granulated sugar and one spoon aloe vera gel.
  2. Mix the ingredients well and apply to the skin.
  3. Rub the scrub on your body to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells
  4. Feel your soft and smooth skin in no time.

Sugar Scrub Recipe

  1. Take a bowl and add one spoon of granulated sugar (white or brown) and one spoon of coconut oil.
  2. Mix the ingredients well and apply to the skin.
  3. Rub the scrub on your body to exfoliate.

Honey-Sugar Scrub Recipe

  1. Take a bowl and add one spoon of granulated sugar (white or brown), one spoon of honey and one spoon of coconut oil.
  2. Mix the ingredients well and apply to the skin.
  3. Rub the scrub on your body to exfoliate.

Use these scrubs at least 2-3 times a week, to have beautiful and soft skin.



Try using a mixture of 1 part of baking soda and 3 parts of water as shampoo. Use the paste on damp hair. Leave it on the hair for 5 mins, before washing it with water.


Ran out of shaving cream? Try using a conditioner instead of a shaving cream for your arms and legs. It gives the smoothest shave, and due to its moisturizing properties, it keeps your arms and legs smooth.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

A complicated beauty regime is never a good idea. So to save on money, it is better to go for an easy and simplified beauty regime. Instead of using 10 different products, reduce the number of products in the routine. See which skin products make the most difference, are the products doing any good for your skin or not. Keeping track of this for 3-4 months can help you develop a simplified routine in the long run.

Eat Healthier

Switching to healthier eating habits, and including lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet along with whole foods give you essential vitamins and minerals. These days you can easily Google the recipes using whole foods to make delicious recipes from them. Who said only pizza tastes good?

Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin hydrated from within. It is very economical and making a habit of it will take you a long way.


Try Samples or Travel Sizes for New Products

If you are willing to try new beauty or skincare products, make sure you first try using samples (often in luxury brands, they give away samples for their products) or purchase the travel size products to make sure that it suits your skin, rather than purchasing the full size, and letting it go to waste later.

Switch to Reusable

Everyday we use multiple makeup wipes and cotton pads to remove our makeup or to apply toners. This is not only wasteful for the environment but the costs can also add up in the future.

Many brands have come up with amazing alternatives that are reusable and give the same results, if not better. Initially, it can seem like an investment, but if you can reuse it over and over again, it will give you a better deal for sure.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

An easy alternative to cotton pads. After you’re done using the pack, just pop them into the washing machine with the laundry mesh bag (that comes with the pads) and Voila- you are good to go!


Microfiber Wash-Cloths

An easy switch for makeup wipes, this is not your standard washcloth that ruins your whites when thrown into the laundry. Microfibers are able to attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles- and hence successfully take off the makeup. They are quite travel friendly too.

Incorporate Multi-Purpose Beauty Items

One of the best ways to get your money’s worth is to invest in multi-purpose items. You can get really creative with the items that you own, you just need to look around!

For instance, you can get Lip and Cheek Tint which would act as both a lipstick and blush. You can take it one step further and use it as an eyeshadow too!

A neutral eyeshadow Palette could give you all: You can use the black/brown eyeshadow as an eyeliner or eyebrow filler, the champagne/silver shade for highlighting.

Vaseline is another home favorite that we all have lying around! You can, of course, use it as a lip balm, on your hands and feet, but an unknown hack is that you can use it on your lash line to remove your fake eyelashes with ease.


Closing Thoughts

As I mentioned before, skin care does not have to be expensive. Hope you liked these simple tips that are definite money saving hacks.

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