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How to Use Rose Water - Plus a DIY Toner Spray

Katy has been making beauty products at home for years and strongly believes you can get professional results at home with enough research!

How to Use Rose Water

Did you know you can use rose water in both cooking and beauty applications? Real rose products are very fragrant and make a great addition to drinks and desserts.

I mostly buy rose water for skin and hair. For beauty, it’s both hydrating and a mild cleanser. But since it’s water it does need to be patted into the skin, or the evaporation will end up drying skin more.

Apply to your skin in a spray or with cotton swabs. If you’re looking for serious hydration, add it on under a lotion. The lotion will help seal in the moisture.

Alternatively, you can mix it with glycerin before it’s applied. Many sprays and solutions sold in stores are rose water mixed with glycerin.

Homemade rose water for face mists or toner.

Homemade rose water for face mists or toner.

Rose Water Toner Recipe

You can make this skin toner spray with homemade rose water or from bottles. It’s super easy to put together and you can customize it to your skin’s needs.


You will need:


Add witch hazel and some drops of vitamin E and your favorite essential oil to a bottle. Fill the rest of your bottle with rose water and give it a good shake.

You can add tea tree oil if your skin is acne-prone or oily. I have dry skin so even a small amount of tea tree oil makes this spray too drying for my face.

I add Vitamin E to give my skin a moisture boost, making this a little more “moisturizing spray” than a strict toner. If you want to go this route find a Vitamin E solution you like by itself. Then add 1 tsp to your toner bottle.

More Information

If you're wondering about all the rose water hype and what this spray is actually going to do for your skin read on about the benefits.

You can get rose water in the store or make your own at home. Check out the Rose Water DIY section below to make it yourself.

Beauty Uses

Check out these awesome ways you can use rose water in your beauty routine:

  • Light-Tasting Cocktails
  • Facial Toner
  • Dry Shampoo Alternative
  • Mild Makeup Remover
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Hair Benefits

I love using rose water sprays on my curly hair as an alternative to dry shampoo in between washing days. Dry shampoo and similar products usually contain alcohol or other drying agents in them to soak up oil. But curly hair will majorly frizz if it loses moisture. Rose water adds some texture and moisture to my hair without drying it out!

I mix it with my regular hair oil in a spray bottle. It needs to be shaken well before each use to mix up the oil and water.

It can benefit hair of any texture. The hydration will naturally add shine to your strands.

Rose products hydrate and cleanse for glowing, natural skin.

Rose products hydrate and cleanse for glowing, natural skin.

Skin Benefits

The skin benefits of rose products go beyond the flowery smell!

Anything made with rose water will be antibacterial. This means it will naturally fight acne. So you can layer it on without worrying about breaking out.

I first heard of rose water as a trusted way to reduce the redness I had from acne scars. I was relieved to find out it was so easy to mix into sprays and topical creams I already use. It reduces inflammation, which helps fade redness.

You'll notice rose water really lends itself to enhancing natural beauty. Regular use will leave your skin more moisturized and glowing without clogging pores and can actually relieve redness and acne. What could be better than that?

Rose Water DIY

You can either buy rose water or make it yourself from rose petals.

The first step in making it yourself is to find the roses. You can find untreated roses at most florist shops or garden centers. If you’re lucky enough to have a rose bush in your yard or neighborhood take the roses that have already lost some petals. You will need at least four flowers worth of petals for making your own water, six is ideal.

To make rose water:

  1. Add petals to a medium pot and cover with distilled water.
  2. Simmer for 20 minutes.
  3. Then strain the petals out and let the water cool.

Store it in a glass bottle either in the fridge or at room temperature away from sunlight.

Where to Buy

Sometimes you can find rose water sold in bottles at a local Asian or Indian market. This is the best place to find good deals.

I don’t have a place near me so I order it online. It can seem a little pricey at $3 to $8 but remember that a little goes a long way.

How Do You Use Rose Water?

There are a bunch of ways to use rose water in your daily beauty routine. I hope you found some new methods to try.

How do you use it? What methods do you find the most effective for you? Share in the comments below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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