How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger & Plumper Without Surgery

Updated on June 30, 2016

Women around the world dream of having plumper. This often results in surgery, but it is possible to get plumper lips using natural, non-invasive methods. Having surgery to enhance the size of your lips can produce bad results as well as an empty bank account!

Learn to embrace your lips and enhance what you already have, without needles or injections. Read on to discover many ways that you can make your lips appear plumper with little effort and a fraction of the price of surgery.

Using Simple Household Products

Plump up your pout with these items from around the house.

  • Toilet tissue This is a magic and quick solution to creating a beautiful set of lip. Simply take some toilet paper and roll it up to a pencil shape (about half the width.) Once you have done this, pop the tissue under your top lip. If you would prefer both lips to look larger, then repeat the process and do the same with the bottom lip. Position the paper just under your lip, along your lip line. You will see immediate effects.
  • Lip liner is often ignored in the beauty bag. Most women will put a slither of lipstick on and head out of the door, not realising the potential of lip liner. If you purchase a lip liner the same colour as your lips or lipstick (these are relatively cheap) and carefully outline the shape of your lips, you will immediately create an effect that shadows the outside of your lips. This then creates the illusion that your lips are plumper than they actually are. The great thing about lip liner is that it stays on for a long time and can be used with lipstick, lip gloss, or even on its own.
  • Glossiness can dramatically change your lips from dull to beautiful. Be sure to add a dab of lip gloss on top of your lip liner and lipstick before you set off for the day. A thin layer on the edges of your lips will reflect light and give people the impression that your lips are thick, full, and kissable.
  • Toothbrush Brushing your lips lightly with a dry toothbrush not only removes dead skin but gives your lips a wonderfully smooth texture and makes them swell slightly. They will immediately look plumper. Apply some lip liner and lip gloss after this and your lips will look fabulous!

Plumping Lipgloss Recipe

Not only are there homemade natural methods that can be implemented into your makeup routine to give you fuller lips, but also there are products in many shops that can help you.

Many stores or online shops will sell lip plumper products. These come from many brand names and contain a treatment that tingle and irritate your lips slightly, which causes them to inflame. Be careful when using these treatments if you have very sensitive skin.

If you cannot afford to buy a lip plumping product, make your own! You will need:

  • Peppermint extract
  • Ground ginger
  • Ground cayenne pepper or red pepper
  • Vaseline or petroleum jelly
  • Small jar with a lid
  • Bee's wax or chap stick

Take a teaspoon of Vaseline or petroleum jelly and mix with half a teaspoon of bee's wax or chapstick. Slowly add the ginger and pepper. Mix thoroughly until it is evenly combined throughout.

Add one to two drops of peppermint extract. This is simply to give the gloss a cool and fresh flavour, but be sure not to use too much.

Add the mixture to a pot and place the lid on top. You can take this with you everywhere! It will give a tingling sensation when applied which helps the lips to swell and look amazing.

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      • profile image

        SorryIEvenContemplatedIt 4 years ago

        "seriously toilet paper?? .... so you plan on walking around with ass wipes in your mouth, not talking, not smiling, or eating for the purpose of having 'beautiful' swollen looking lips.... Why as a woman, is the pursuit of beauty stronger in my mind rather than the pursuit of fulfillment and accomplishment in life?" - I said to myself as I stared at my toilet paper stuffed mouth in the mirror =[

      • BethanRose profile image

        BethanRose 4 years ago from South Wales

        Thanks for your comment lilylipgloss.

        I agree, kissing over eating is always the better option! ;) I prefer the cayenne pepper and Vaseline myself, but I apply a little after rubbing my lips with a toothbrush. Although it tingles, the sensation does wear off and definitely makes my lips look/feel plumper!

        The toilet paper isn't a real long-term option in my opinion, but it does work and is a great way of seeing what size lips you feel most confident with.


      • lilylipgloss profile image

        lilylipgloss 4 years ago

        Lovely Hub, nice ideas.

        The pencil liner idea works well at first for me, but even with stayfast lipsticks I often discover after its too late, that my lipstick has worn off and I'd been left with a ring around my lips.

        Kissing is one of the main things that course this to happen, plus eating, however I quite like a kiss, so maybe I will give up the eating instead, hmmm, way to drop that dress size.

        As we know stayfast lipsticks dry your lips if using them too often, does mine anyway. The toothbrush idea works, but it tends to make my lips go all tingly.

        Never tried the toilet paper idea, does it not go all soft and yucky after a bit?

      • profile image

        Rere 4 years ago

        go to they have a permanent lip enhancement oil that adds fat permanentally to your lips!

      • BethanRose profile image

        BethanRose 5 years ago from South Wales

      • profile image

        mad51198 5 years ago

        are there any great treatments u can buy at a beauty store?

      • lejonkung profile image

        lejonkung 6 years ago

        nice lips!

      • profile image

        Heyimpaul 6 years ago

        Awesome advice!

      • profile image

        Paula 6 years ago

        I have found the next best thing to lip injections, it is the Lip Plumping Shop lip plumping device, yay! It is a plastic pump that makes the lips bigger, it also comes with a plumping gloss to use afterwards. What a nifty little idea, I don't know why no one thought of this earlier?? It really works too!

      • profile image

        leah 6 years ago

        your tips are awsome they rilly helped me git bigger lips and fuller lips they rilly help i did all your tips and now my lips are plump