How to Reduce Black Women's Neck, Chin, Bikini, and Hair Bumps

Updated on November 19, 2019
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I love sharing tips on how to prevent bumps that occur from shaving.

How to get beautiful, bump-free skin naturally.
How to get beautiful, bump-free skin naturally. | Source

Get Rid of Your Hair Bumps Fast

The older women get, the more facial hairs they may notice on their face. Many women resort to shaving their faces. As a consequence, they experience ingrown hairs, neck bumps, and razor rash. Such bumps can be especially unsightly, and can produce significant scarring and discoloration.

Here are a few tips for preventing or reducing your hair bumps and ingrown hairs.

How to Eliminate Hair Bumps

Stop using a razor. Okay, so this is the last thing you wanted to hear. However, the only effective remedy against ingrown hairs and razor bumps is to stop shaving.

How to Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

Try to have your face or targeted area waxed to remove unwanted hairs. See a professionally licensed beautician or spa specialist and have them wax your face. Make sure you look into whether they have natural waxing procedures, such as beeswax or honey, since these are better alternatives for your skin and will reduce your chance for skin discomfort and irritation after the treatment. Ask if there is some sort of natural moisturizer and hair bump prevention solution that they will apply following your wax. The application of these solutions will reduce skin eruptions, kill bacteria, and soothe your face. If they say they do not offer such treatments, bring your own.

Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Co.'s online store makes a wonderful, 100% natural hair bump solution that can be applied after waxing and will help reduce and prevent bikini, chin, and hair bumps in the future. Aloe vera gel is also a great natural moisturizer to use following a wax. You can find a quality brand at your local whole foods store or at

Reducing Ingrown Hairs

Try waxing at home or use a depilatory cream made to remove your specific type of hair. If you are really savvy, you can do your own waxing, but I have discovered that this is often a mess. Depilatory creams, although better than shaving, are not a top choice due to their chemical composition. So why even recommend these? Because they are still worthy of consideration.

Eliminating Skin Bumps

Make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to fight the bacteria that cause hair bumps. Take flax oil to flush out your system. Take vitamin C daily to boost your immune system. This will help.

Avoiding Razor Rash

If you must shave, be sure to do it right. Improper techniques will only cause more bumps. Thus, you should shave in the same direction your hair grows. The shave will not be as close as it would be if you went against the grain, but if you are prone to razor rash, then this method is gentler and safer. Cleanse the area you are about to shave with an anti-bacterial soap, such as Safeguard (synthetic) or Beauty 4 Ashes HBD Cleanser (all-natural). There is a formula of Safeguard that actually includes aloe vera that may be helpful. However, it is not as effective as Beauty 4 Ashes HBD Cleanser, which contains essential oil that kills hair bump-causing bacteria.

Alleviating Ingrown Hair

Clean all your razors with hot water and alcohol before and after use. Discard razors after they've been used for one week.

Reducing Skin Bumps

Do not wear heavy makeup on your hair bumps. This will only cause more skin irritation, whether the makeup is noncomedogenic or not.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Hi Karen, I'm there with you. I wish there was a magic wand that we could just wave over our chin and neck area and all the spots, bumps, scars would disappear and we would be flawless! I'm complimented all the time on how beautiful I am but that's makeup! I've spent thousands on dermatologists and treatments, nothing works.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        My skin is horrible around chin a nd cheek neck area for years I have been fighting this battle all my life been to dermatogist nothing I do works in a beautiful woman horrible skinyet I'm complimented on make up helps I'm what they use to say shameface


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