My Review of Derma V10: Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack

Updated on November 6, 2019
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Verity is a Physics with Teaching Bsc (Hons) graduate. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read and play video games.

The outer packaging of the Derma V10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack.
The outer packaging of the Derma V10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack.

Background and Important Information

I picked up the Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack at a local store for £0.99. I was not sent this sample in return for a review, nor am I being paid or sponsored for this review. This review is my honest opinion.

I do quite a lot of walking, as a result, I have developed hard skin and calluses on parts of my feet where I have previously had blisters. The areas that I was looking to target with this product were on my heels, on the middle joints of my big toes and on the balls of my feet.

This review is written after using this product once, for the first time. I used this product at the end of a long day of being on my feet and they felt tired and worn out.

How I Used This Foot Pack

I used this product as directed on the packaging (pictured below).

Before using the product, I soaked my feet for 10 minutes in hot water with Radox Muscle Soak Bath Salts. I then used a pumice stone to exfoliate the hard skin on my feet, before returning them to the water to soak for a further 10 minutes.

I patted them softly with a towel (rather than rubbing them) and made sure that they were definitely dry before I opened the package containing the boots.

The boots come in the packaging joined together, I used scissors to separate them. When I put my feet in the boots, I used my hands to rub the boots onto my skin, to allow the moisturizer on the inside to cover all of my feet and in between my toes. The boots have a self-seal tab on the side, I took off the covering and stuck the adhesive to the boot, tightening it around my ankle.

I wore the boots for 20 minutes. Once I removed the boots, I used my hands to massage the moisturizer left on my feet into the skin.

The instructions on the reverse of the Derma V10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack.
The instructions on the reverse of the Derma V10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack.


I immediately noticed the lovely smell of this product. The combination of peppermint and tea tree left my feel smelling lovely, and the peppermint helped to revive my feet and made them feel refreshed!

There is lots of moisturizer inside these foot packs, I was able to turn massaging it into my feet into a bit of a pamper session in and of itself, and it felt great on my hands too.

My feet were immediately made so silky soft on the tops, arches and even between the toes. My heels and the balls of my feet were made so soft, that I would be confident in saying that they are the softest they have ever been! My hard skin on my big toes was also reduced considerably, they are noticeably smoother and softer.

I feel confident that continual use of this product would reduce (and possibly eliminate entirely) my problem areas.

A picture of the Derma V10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack in use.
A picture of the Derma V10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack in use.

Important Points to Note

This product is ethically made with no animals being tested on during the creation of any of the DermaV10 products. All of the ingredients in this foot pack are safe for vegetarians and vegans to use too. So this product is great for a vegan-friendly, ethical pamper session.

The self-adhesive used to tighten the boots around my ankle was very strong and didn't unstick or move at all while I was wearing them. I was able to move around in them normally, and walked short distances inside my apartment without slipping or feeling unsafe in my movement. They did not feel uncomfortable or unpleasant at any point during the process. The moisturizer was quite cool and refreshing.


I love this Deep Moisturising Foot Pack. It has easily jumped up to be one of my favourites. It works perfectly and makes my feet feel soft and refreshed after being on them all day, and doing lots of walking. It makes my skin much softer and has proven, after only one use, to reduce my hard skin.

For the price that I have seen them available, they are a must-have as part of your weekly routine. I highly recommend them and I will definitely be using this product again soon!

My Rating

5 stars for DermaV10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot

What Do You Think?

How do you feel about the Derma V10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Deep Moisturising Foot Pack?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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