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Reduce Stretchmarks, Keloids, or Scars With Essential Oils

The author has studied essential oils for 30 years and found many helpful natural remedies and preventatives for all types of ailments

You can rid yourself of scar tissue (or reduce it significantly) with a few simple techniques and a homemade remedy using natural carriers and essential oils.

You can rid yourself of scar tissue (or reduce it significantly) with a few simple techniques and a homemade remedy using natural carriers and essential oils.

No one likes having scars, stretch marks, or keloids, no matter their cause. There are thousands of remedies and natural cures for scars, but you can rid yourself of scar tissue (or reduce it significantly) with a few simple techniques and a homemade remedy using natural carriers and essential oils.

The best time to deal with scar tissue is as soon as possible, while it is still pliable and at its ‘immature’ stage and while it’s still red and itchy and the nerve endings are still trying to knit together.

Tips For Faster Healing Of Scar Tissue

  • Heat and massage treatments help erase scar tissue as well as natural oils, so by laying a dampened warm towel over the area for a few minutes and then rubbing a few drops of the scar serum (see recipe below) into the scar two or three times a day. Make sure you rub the scar serum into the bottom of your feet as well because feet are one of the quickest ways for the natural essential oils to be absorbed into your body, so you can fight your scars internally as well as externally since essential oils are fat-soluble, they can enter the bloodstream.
  • Massage the area at least twice daily when using the serum to increase lymph drainage and get things moving to give the essential oils deeper penetration into the skin. Use the warm to hot dampened towel each time.

This is not safe for all children under four. Ask your doctor. New scars should start healing and regenerating within 4-8 weeks using this serum. Older scars or keloids will show improvement within 10 weeks and will usually continue to get better the longer you use the scar serum.

Scar Serum Recipe

First, find a dark four-ounce bottle and mark this bottle by making a label or write “scar serum” and the date on a piece of paper and tape it to the bottle completely covering the whole piece of paper to protect it from spills.


  • 4 oz. dark glass bottle
  • Rosehip seed oil 30 mL (or one ounce)
  • Calendula 20 mL
  • Jojoba 20 mL
  • Tamanu 20 mL
  • Vitamin E caplets 3-5 of strong potency
  • Helichrysum italicum spp. serotinum 10 drops
  • Sea Buckthorn 3 drops
  • Neroli (Citrus aurantium any variety- esp. var. amara) 3 drops
  • Benzoin 2 drops *optional (some have sensitivities to benzoin use patch test to check)
  • Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) 2 drops
  • Rosemary Verbenone 2 drops
  • Frankincense (best is boswellia sacra, but any will do) 3 drops.

If you don’t have all of these essential oils, rosehip seed oil and or calendula mixed with helichrysum has very good results. Add 2 oz. each of rosehip seed and calendula oils then add about 20-25 drops helichrysum.

Even straight lavender essential oil has been known to reduce scarring and is safe for direct use without a carrier such as rosehip or calendula, but both are great for scar tissue. Be aware that only lavender (and tea tree) essential oil(s) can be used directly on the skin without a carrier oil.

How to Use

Apply the salve/serum two to three times a day until signs of scarring are diminished. This may take some time depending on the severity of the scars, stretch marks, or keloids, so don't give up too soon, as it may take months for visible reductions. No worries though, because this serum has powerful skin regenerative properties which will promote new cell growth diminish the size of scars, improving natural skin color, and restoring skin tissue elasticity.

And as an added bonus, it won't hurt the environment, as it's made with all-natural ingredients.

Scar Salve Recipe

If you don't like an oily type serum, you may like this scar salve.

Add about 1 ounce of beeswax to 2-3 ounces of oils, depending on the consistency you like. (For a harder salve, more beeswax; for a softer salve, less beeswax.)


  1. To make the salve or ointment start by warming the carrier oils, (such as rosehip seed and calendula), over a double boiler or in a pyrex cup in the microwave, add the beeswax into them, stirring well as the wax melts so it incorporates into the oils.
  2. Then stir in your essential oils. Don't add the essential oil until the mixture has cooled a bit because heating essential oils reduce their potency.
  3. I usually just use a Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup and heat in the microwave in short bursts, stirring well, then adding e.o.s after it's cooled to touch. But some say microwaving isn't the best way, so a double boiler may be your ticket.
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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: is there a place I can buy a pre-made version of an essential oil skin applicant?

Answer: Not this exact version, although I'm sure there are lots of natural versions of scar serum out there.

© 2012 Candice Collins


S ROY on August 27, 2019:

I have old keloids on my stomach after fire burn.and its old.its healing but soooo much slow.can i use lavender oli on it directly?its no pain or now growth of keloids its just like bumps.its now 5 years i had it.can lavender oil give a fast gi rid of it?or any other oils?which get rid its completely?

Sharnell on August 12, 2018:

How long does the Scar serum last? shelf life?

Sarah on December 07, 2017:

Please help! I have a huge keloid on my ear! I've been to every doctor and tried every cream and solution there is! I can't wear my hair up because I am sooooo embarrassed!!! If anyone has something out there that ACTUALLY works PLEASE help! Thank you

Candice Collins (author) from WestCoast Florida on October 18, 2016:


Yes, I don't see why not, especially if it's a new scar. Older scar tissue may take much more time. But note that there are many essential oils in this serum and since the scar is in your nose the scent may bother you (or not, you may like it)...but to alleviate this, just use the carrier oils with only the helichrysum italicum, or without the essential oils entirely, and it should work almost as well.


Yes, indeed. And for keloids this natural treatment could work well in the beginning.

Bernard Blatte on October 18, 2016:

Keloids are normally a scar that has become prominent because of the abnormal growth of sinewy tissues. Keloids scars can't be entirely removed once they are shaped; much should be possible at home to start with stage. They could be delicate and irritated at the onset and this is the time when Keloids Natural Treatment actually works on them.

Ceci on October 09, 2016:

Will this scar serum work for internal scar tissue in nose?

Candice Collins (author) from WestCoast Florida on August 13, 2016:

As per the price for these ingredients vs. buying one already made. First, you know exactly what's in the one you make and for sure no synthetic ingredients are added. The initial cost of ingredients would be expensive, but will pay for itself over time, as the amount of each you need is very minimal so you could make many many recipes with these ingredients.Plus, you know exactly what's in the one you make, and for sure no synthetic ingredients are added...some of the pre-made shelved items have lots of preservatives as well.

Candice Collins (author) from WestCoast Florida on March 21, 2014:

sorry about your scar..... ummmmm.... I would say that this should be able to help and most definitely say that this could not hurt so it's worth a try~~ you'd have to use it for awhile tho! :)

lancepawl on March 12, 2014:

It says it needs to be done soon so I'm wondering if it would help for a forehead scar. I got a small cut on my forehead and then got shingles before the cut was healed. The entire left half of my forehead scabbed over and afterward a depression was left where the cut was. The skin cells underneath never did build back up and this was 2 1/3 years ago. I'm wondering if the scar oil could still help or is something else could be done.

Candice Collins (author) from WestCoast Florida on November 07, 2013:

pure is always best :)

FatAllyCat on October 26, 2013:

Should I buy these oils blended or pure?

Candice Collins (author) from WestCoast Florida on May 17, 2013:

thanks for your comments! per the calendula question: either one is fine (but if you get the calendula essential oil you'll have to dilute it in a carrier oil to use it on your skin) so I'd recommend to buy calendula infused oil. And any vitamin E will work fine, but make sure it's all natural. "The natural, best form of vitamin E is called "D-alpha tocopherol with mixed natural tocopherols." and is made from vegetable oil. The synthetic form is DL-alpha tocopherol. “D” or “DL”? Not a big difference in name, is it. There is evidence that the natural "D" (dextro-, or right-handed) molecular form of vitamin E is more useful to the body than is the synthetic. The natural form is also more expensive, but not all that much more. In choosing a vitamin E supplement, you should carefully read the label... the entire label. It is remarkable how many natural-looking brown bottles with natural-sounding brand names contain a synthetic vitamin."

Ariel on May 14, 2013:

Also, does it matter what type of vit e caplets they are? I have 400 IU with tocopherols.

Ariel on May 14, 2013:

Just wondering if I should get calendula essential oil or calendula oil? or are they the same thing?

Shadaan Alam from India on March 17, 2013:

interesting hub, voted up, heard for first time that essential oils can help in reducing stretch marks too

Deya Writes on November 07, 2012:

They have bottles of this stuff at my local pharmacy, it's only about $7.00. Is this a better price than going and buying all these ingredients separately? Good information btw, voted up!

Candice Collins (author) from WestCoast Florida on September 07, 2012:

LOL... I've seen essential oils work some serious magic when it comes to scars, but as always, it's best to get them right away before the scar is totally healed over, and get it while the skin is still freshly coming together...sooner the better, and keep using the scar does really work.

Candice Collins (author) from WestCoast Florida on May 25, 2012:

thanks for your comment! It all depends on how quickly you deal with them.. the sooner the better. I've seen it work. And concerning stretch marks; if you use a lotion with vitamin E while pregnant it helps reduce the chance of even getting them :)

Chris Hugh on May 24, 2012:

I didn't think anything can get rid of stretch marks except maybe lasers...or surgery.

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