The Top 3 Anti-Wrinkle Serums That Contain Snake Venom (Syn-ake Peptide)

Updated on March 2, 2018
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Synthetic snake venom has shown to be very effective for anti-aging products
Synthetic snake venom has shown to be very effective for anti-aging products | Source

What Is Syn-ake Peptide?

Syn-ake is an anti-wrinkle product based on a synthetic tripeptide that “mimics” the effects of a peptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper snake. It was created by Pentapharm Ltd, a Swiss-based chemical company.

Skin care companies started using Syn-ake in their anti-aging products as an alternative to more extreme procedures such as botox.

Temple Viper bites can be fatal to humans and Syn-ake paralyzes human skin muscles. Having Syn-ake as an active ingredient in a topical serum that's used to reduce wrinkles has become a trend in anti-aging skin care products.

This compound works on the skin in a similar way as botox. Once applied, the Syn-ake ingredient works to relax the skin muscles used for facial expressions that cause wrinkles as we get older.

There is a slew of new anti-aging products on the market right now that showcase the Syn-ake compound as one of their ingredients. I've tried many of them and here is my list of the best products out there that contain Syn-ake:

Syn-ake peptides do help to reduce the signs of aging akin
Syn-ake peptides do help to reduce the signs of aging akin | Source

1. Advanced Skin Care - Skin Rescue

This clear serum is absolutely amazing.

Not only does it work very well at reducing wrinkles, but it doesn't have any fragrance. This serum won't leave your skin greasy, and it absorbs pretty quickly.

I've personally been using this product for over a year now.

Out of all the products I've tried so far which includes store-bought and online purchases - this product is superior.

Not only is this serum more affordable than many retail store skin products, but its texture is non-greasy, smooth, and makes your skin feel velvety soft.

You'll need to order this product online as it isn't sold in stores.

Amazon sells this product and it costs an average of $20 for a 30ml bottle. Standard shipping takes about 2-3 days for delivery. A 30ml bottle lasts me about 3 weeks to a month.

The only drawback to this product would be that some people may require a moisturizer in addition to using this serum. If your skin is very dry or has dry areas, using this product alone may not be enough for you.

Having already reviewed this product in my previous anti-aging article, I will simply say that I love this product and highly recommend it to others who are bothered by increasing wrinkles.

However, not everyone has the same type of skin or product preference, so let's move on to a couple of different outstanding products that contain Syn-ake.

Advanced Skin Care: Skin Rescue
Advanced Skin Care: Skin Rescue | Source

2. SkinPro - DNA Serum Temple Viper Venom Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum

This product is designed for use around the eyes but can also be used on other problem areas on the face such as laugh lines or frown wrinkles. It boasts having the highest concentrations (5%) of Syn-ake, hydraulic acid, and Argireline in its ingredients.

The product itself comes in a syringe-looking container and is dispensed out of a vial that locks when you close it to prevent leakage. You can control the amount that comes out - whether you want a little or a lot. It should only take a very small amount of serum on the eyes or other focused areas on your face.

Once the product is applied, there is no doubt that you can feel the skin immediately tightening. You'll need to let the serum dry for 5 to 10 minutes before applying a cream or moisturizer.

The serum itself is smooth and non-sticky. The price is almost $40 but the serum is supposed to last the user 45-60 days and SkinPro offers a complete satisfaction guarantee.

This product is sold as an eye serum, so if you're using this product for the eyes or other targeted areas on your face, you'll definitely need an additional moisturizer you don't have one already.

Will Syn-ake help to dissolve your wrinkles?
Will Syn-ake help to dissolve your wrinkles? | Source
DNA Eye Serum/Viper Venom
DNA Eye Serum/Viper Venom | Source

3. Babaria - Anti-Wrinkle Cream/Snake Venom

This was the very first anti-wrinkle cream I used that contained Syn-ake. I was very impressed with this product and saw great results. It's a white cream that not only helps reduce wrinkles but also moisturizes. My skin is naturally oily which is why I eventually switched to Advanced Skin Care Skin Rescue.

This product does have a light fragrance that may offend sensitive people. It never upset my skin even though I'm prone to acne. One of the best things about this cream is how good it feels on your face and neck especially. It hydrates beautifully, firms, and evens out skin tone.

The price for this Babaria cream is about $18 on Amazon for 50ml. Babaria advertises that according to their clinical trials on this product over a span of 28 days, there was a 36% decrease in wrinkles for participants and up to an 82% decrease in wrinkles 2 hours after the initial application.There is also said to be a 52% decrease in crows feet over the 28 day period.

The main point here seems to be that once the product has been used twice a day for about a month, there should be a significant reduction in visible wrinkles. I definitely found this to be true for my skin.

Babaria's anti-wrinkle cream can be used as a day or night cream on the face and neck and is available on Amazon.

Babaria Snake Venom Cream
Babaria Snake Venom Cream | Source

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