What Pimples on Your Face and Body Mean, and How to Get Rid of Them

Updated on March 28, 2017
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Shushanik is always looking for ways to improve her skin and get rid of problems. She is sharing her findings with her readers.

Almost every woman gets a pimple or two before the period. We blame hormones and hide pimples with concealer.

But have you ever thought why pimples appear on the same spot every time and no cream or cleanser can help getting rid of them? Eastern medicine suggests that problems with the skin is a reflection of inner well-being.

The place on your body that is prone to pimples, can help to determine what health problems you might have. Of course it's not a diagnosis, but it might be worth paying attention to.

Pimples on Forehead

Pimples on forehead or above the eyebrow mean that your liver is struggling to cope with its responsibilities. Your diet is most likely dominated by fats, soft drinks and red meat. Your body struggles to get rid of the extra toxins.

To help your body get rid of forehead pimples, start consuming less chocolate, cakes, lemonade and soda. Start drinking more mineral water without gas and eating food that helps eliminate toxins from the body, like boiled cabbage, and baked apples.

Pimples on the Bridge of the Nose

The appearance of pimples on the bridge of the nose indicates that your liver is overloaded and poorly purifies the blood. Most likely, you eat too much of the smoked and grilled, too much milk, cheese and meat.

To get a clear nose back, change the style of cooking. Bake food in the oven rather than frying or boiling, arrange fasting days once a week. Also try to give up all dairy for a month.

Pimples Under the Eye

Under eye pimples indicate problems with kidneys and adrenals. If you constantly get pimples in this area, you are probably very tired, have very little sleep, and are under constant stress. Your diet probably lacks essential nutrients.

Moderating your activity should help clear the under eye area. Forget about ambitions and dieting; practice meditation, watch the surface of the water. Fruits and vegetables with high content of vitamin C (kiwi, sweet pepper, oranges) will help in providing you with a good mood.

Pimples on Chest, Back and Cheeks

You need to know

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Pimples on chest, as well as on the back and cheeks indicate the lungs' overload. According to the Eastern medicine, the lungs accumulate unbalanced, heavy and viscous energy that does not find a way out. Perhaps you smoke, do not have enough fresh air, eat sweets and dairy products, eat little fruit and vegetables.

To balance the energy, try to spend more time on the fresh air every day. Include fresh vegetables, oatmeal and brown rice in your diet.

Pimples on Nose (The Tip of the Nose and Nose Wings)

Pimples on nose indicate the problems of the cardiovascular system. The heart may lack vitamin B and protein. You might have a very passive way of life, be constantly worried, and move very little. Thus your skin suffers from lack of nutrients and poor blood circulation.

To remedy the problem, add more green vegetables and fruits, fish and various cereals to your diet. Exercise in the morning or work out at least one hour a day.

Pimple on Lip and Shoulders

Pimples on lip or shoulders mean problems with digestive system. They can be coupled with indigestion, intestinal colic or constipation. That happens when you are very sensitive and vulnerable, too worried about everyone and everything.

To help your digestive system, include more food containing fiber in your diet. Remember having a cup of green tea after each meal.

Pimples on Chin and Jaw

Pimples on the chin can indicate both, problems with the small intestine and hormonal imbalance in sexual life. You might be nervous, sleep very little, drink much coffee or alcohol. Sometimes it might be a signal of polycystic ovary syndrome, so be sure to consult a doctor.

Pimples on the Neck

Pimples on the neck may indicate problems in the endocrine and digestive system. They can also be caused by colds or infections. Some foods, such as berries, broccoli, salmon or turkey may help ease hyperthyroidism symptoms.

Pimples on the Ears

Pimples on the ears often indicate kidney problems. To get rid of them, try lowering phosphorus food consumption in your diet and maintaining the right level of proteins and potassium. You might also want to limit dairy servings each day and take a calcium supplement.

One of the most popular calcium supplements that can help with the problem is New Chapter Bone Strength Calcium Supplement. It is different from most calcium supplements, as most of them are calcium carbonate derived from limestone rock. Bone Strength Take Care is natural plant based calcium. And it contains not only calcium, but also vitamins D3 and K2, and magnesium. Taken with meals, calcium supplement acts as phosphate binder, because it locks on to extra phosphorus and keeps your body from absorbing it.

To get rid of those annoying pimples, there is no need for anything super expensive. Here are some ways to start seeing healthier skin.

1. Use an Acne-Fighting Cleanser

Best ingredients for cleanser that is directed towards acne problem are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or alpha hydroxy. Benzoyl peroxide fights bacteria and folliculitis. The possible disadvantage is that it might also dry out your skin. But light moisturizer will balance it out.

There are several cleansers that contain either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, but the cleanser that I use and can recommend is Humane Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Acne Treatment Body & Face Wash. It is the strongest 10% benzoyl peroxide cleanser without a prescription, and it contains no parabens, fragrance, or animal testing. As an added bonus, it can be used not only as a cleanser, but as body wash as well, so it helps me keep my skin clear all over my body, not only on face.

2. Use Moisturizer That Contains Tea Tree or Coconut Oil

These natural oils moisturize your skin and offer anti-bacterial properties at the same time. Using such moisturizer after a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide will not only balance out possible dryness caused by the former, but also add to its anti-bacterial acne-fighting features. I use Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It is a pure coconut oil without any additives, free of pesticides, bleach, hexane and trans fats.

3. Do Hot Towel Face Compresses

Putting a hot, damp towel for twenty minutes or so while you are relaxing in a bath, for example, can help open up your pores to better clean your face aftewards.

I hope that this article helped you to understand possible problems that caused your pimples, and ways to remedy the problem. You an also read about pimples on buttocks, as well as the main causes of acne breakouts and pimples.

Now you know what the appearance of pimples on your face and body means and what you need in order to have healthier skin. But if an "enemy" appeared unexpectedly, check out how to get rid of acne and breakouts in natural way.

4. Use Homemade Acne Face Masks

There are a number of products from your kitchen that have acne fighting qualities when applied to skin. Potato, pumpkin, cucumber or garlic are among them. You can make easy DIY acne face masks and use them daily.

Where do you get pimples most often?

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    • profile image

      Rean 5 days ago

      Hi, im 22 yr old but still have alot of acne. im wondering these white spots of my skin that turn into acne when it itchy ..it tarted when i was 12 yrs old at my back then on my face my chest, my shoulder even in my butt , im so upset about it, im felt so depressed everytime it started to itch and got a lot bumps.

    • profile image

      mavs 2 weeks ago

      my skin is so sensitive thats why i have a lot of pimples anywhere of my body because of the foods intake like too much oil frying, olive oil,meat fats, chicken skin, tea, hot spicy, eggs... avoid this foods if you want a clear skin, eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, chicken breast, and take vitamin c and do exercise atleast 1 hour a day... believe me you won't regret! try it in just 4 or 5 days all your pimples is gone!

    • profile image

      Molly Crossley 3 months ago

      I am having trouble with a red spot on the side of my nose what does this mean

    • profile image

      Rana 8 months ago

      Thank u so much I was always wondering why do I have pimples on my for head , chin,and nose and asking my self why does my friends don't have pimples just like me now I know the reason, and I will take care of my diet every day

    • profile image

      Angie 15 months ago

      Thank you! this is very helpful. Will watch my eating habits .

    • profile image

      Veleda 3 years ago

      I get them in my scalp, what does that indicate?

    • profile image

      Someone 4 years ago

      Ya I get pimples on my jaws before my periods. This time, I also got them on my chest. It is painful and irritating.

    • profile image

      harry attri 4 years ago

      many pimple in my face and my skin oily,please give me solution ,medicine or pimple cream any tips forward my email-harryattri21@gmail.com

    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Very useful! And I think pretty accurate. I get pimples right under my jaw and they just never go away! Argh.

    • younghopes profile image

      Shadaan Alam 5 years ago from India

      voted up, great hub, this was completely new thing for me to read, loved it, i keep getting pimples on my chin and cheeks and now know the cause too. thanks for sharing

    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Thanks Alecia.

      If they appear on the same place again and again, then it's for a reason... :)

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I never saw pimples on different parts of the body as being symbolic of another health problem. Great hub!

    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Thanks. I'm glad it's helpful :)

    • profile image

      Tyronne 5 years ago

      Wow, thanks so much for this article.. I've learnt so much!! Good read and great info!

    • profile image

      Rebekah 5 years ago

      How can you balance your sexual hormones to get rid of breakouts on your chin?

    • profile image

      Katie 5 years ago

      This is crazy accurate!!Thanks!!

    • profile image

      Roda 5 years ago

      I,m advising you to eat healthy food because is good for your health

    • profile image

      daza 5 years ago

      thankz for the help.. :)

    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 6 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area


    • whynot1 profile image

      whynot1 6 years ago

      Great Hub! Very interesting! Keep it up!