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Role of Facial Blotting Papers in Skincare Routine

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As a young woman, I had terrible facial blemishes and oily skin. I wish I knew then what I know now about skin care.

Facial blotting papers allow you to remove excess oil from your face without messing with your makeup.

Facial blotting papers allow you to remove excess oil from your face without messing with your makeup.

The unsightly shine of an oily face can be quite embarrassing. If you have oil-prone skin, you can probably relate to this distressing feeling. Let's say you’ve just washed your face clean and applied your makeup, and you're ready to go off to work or school. Barely an hour later, your face is oozing oil, especially in the "T-zone area" (the forehead, nose, chin and area around the mouth). Is there anything you can do about it, or are you doomed to wear a mask of sebaceous ooze until you return home?

People who wear makeup typically want their faces to retain a matte finish for at least 12 hours after product application. People who wear little or no makeup usually want their faces to look dry and fresh all day, too. For those of us with naturally oily skin, however, this is easier said than done.

In this day and age, no one should have to contend with an oily face. Luckily—even for those of us with oily skin who find our carefully applied makeup looking patchy and greasy just a few hours after application—there is a solution: portable facial oil blotting papers.

How to Use Oil Blotting Papers

  1. Pull a thin sheet from the pack.
  2. Press it firmly but gently against the shiny areas of your face, starting with your "T-zone" (nose, chin, forehead and around the mouth).
  3. Leave the blotting paper against your skin for a few seconds while the sheet absorbs the oil.
  4. To avoid removing makeup, be sure not to rub or move the paper across your skin. Simply pull it away from the face in one motion after applying it.
  5. Use a new sheet on other areas of your face if necessary.
  6. Repeat this process every couple of hours or as often as necessary based on the severity of your oil production.

How do you know it's working? You will clearly see the oil being absorbed as the paper starts to become transparent. You'll also notice the instant difference on your face as the shine totally disappears, leaving a matte finish and your makeup still intact. Remember to avoid reusing the same paper. This can spread the oil you already absorbed around your face and may cause breakouts. Start with a fresh paper every time.

Why Oil Blotting Papers Work Better Than Other Products

When I discovered oil blotting papers, I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. At the time, my facial oil production seemed uncontrollable. Once I started using them, there was no way I’d leave home without my pack of silky-soft Clean and Clear oil-absorbing sheets.

Many believe that regular paper tissues are sufficient to mop up facial oil and take care of unsightly shine. This is not so. Tissue paper only works for a short while, and it usually doesn't actually absorb that much oil. Just give it 10 minutes and the oil will be back again. Moreover, tissues can end up wiping a significant amount of makeup off of your face.

Another common product people use to try to combat facial oil is wet wipes. Using wet wipes instead of oil blotting papers has two consequences. First, they remove your makeup entirely, so you have to apply it all over again after each use. Secondly, the wipes are often alcohol-based and may be too harsh and drying for many skin types.

With a sheet of oil-blotting paper, you can quickly and effortlessly blot oil from your face before it even starts to shine. Facial oil-blotting papers are gentle on the skin, highly effective at absorbing oil and will never remove your makeup. As long as you always have a pack on hand, you'll be able to maintain a clean, fresh look for as long as you wish. Packs of oil blotting papers may include up to 300 individual sheets. The packs I use usually last me at least two months.

Why Does the Face Produce Excess Oil?

The most common cause of excessive facial oil is the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands located under the skin's surface. When you produce too much sebum, it's easy to get oily skin, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. Overproduction of sebum may be related to genetics, hormonal changes or even stress and anxiety.

If you produce too much facial oil, it can detrimental to your skin’s health to let it accumulate all day. If left unchecked, excess sebum can clog pores, produce spots and contaminate makeup applicators. Many people who suffer from oily skin either wash their faces repeatedly throughout the day or wipe them clean with facial tissue. Both of these techniques can result in the removal of makeup.

To control sebaceous secretions effectively without ruining your makeup, you need to use facial oil blotting papers. These will help keep your face oil-free and fresh-looking all day long without sacrificing your carefully-applied makeup.

Packs of oil blotting papers can be found online or at local beauty products stores. Both fragrant and fragrance-free varieties are available. You will also find some that are infused with essential oils or other ingredients that soothe the skin. Popular choices include:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Natural powder
  • Hemp
  • Green tea
  • Plain/powder-free

While some people love to use lavender and chamomile-based oil blotting papers, most prefer to use the plain, powder-free version to avoid unnecessary skin irritation. They are odourless and work like magic, keeping both your skin and makeup looking fabulous. Regardless of what type works best for you, I recommend always keeping a pack with you when you leave the house.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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