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How Facial Blotting Papers Work for Oily Skin

Updated on May 29, 2017

Facial oily skin can be quite upsetting, at best embarrassing, and most certainly irritating.

Getting rid of oil that seeps out through the facial pores, giving the face an unnatural and unsightly shine need not be a problem any more if you use facial blotting papers for oily skin.

Leaving facial oil unattended to all day long is detrimental to the health of your skin, will clog up your pores, and contaminate your make-up applicator and its container.

When you leave home for work in the morning, or go out partying at night, one thing you always desire is to have your beautifully made up face in place, you hope to retain its nice matte finish for hours through the day or night.

If you have oily skin, you don’t have that luxury. You'll need an oil absorbent paper every couple of hours, if you have mildly oily skin, and almost every hour, if you have excessively oily skin.

There are some lucky women out there who don't have oily skin, and may never know the agony that people with oily faces feel, when after a couple of hours or less, their carefully applied make-up has turned a horrible shade, appearing patchy, greasy, and definitely displeasing.

There is hardly time to wash your face or clean it with a cleanser and re-apply your make-up all over again. That's where facial blotting papers come in very handy.

Why you Need Facial Oil Absorbing Sheets

Oily facial skin can cause self consciousness and even low esteem. To avoid this, blotting sheets for oily skin are used to quickly and effortlessly blot the oil when the face, usually the T-zone, starts to show the shine.

Many women believe having a pack of tissues handy is enough to take care of facial 'shine', but not so. Using regular tissue paper only ends up wiping a large part of your make-up off your face, and it never absorbs much oil anyway.

Another product people use is wet wipes. Using wet wipes instead of oil blotting papers has almost the same effect as washing your face.

Firstly, it removes your entire make up and you'll have to reapply it all over again. And secondly, because many wipes are alcohol based, they 'strip' the skin harshly.

How to Use Oil Blotting Papers

It's very easy to use facial oil blotting papers because they are quite thin and look almost like greaseproof paper. These are two of the reasons why they are so effective for mopping up oil from an oily face.

  • Pull out a sheet from the handy, easy to dispense pack.
  • Press a sheet firmly but gently against the shiny areas of your face, starting with your T-zone (areas of the nose, chin and forehead). Leave the blotting paper against your skin for a few seconds while the sheet absorbs the oil.
  • Let the oil blotting paper absorb the oil. It only takes a few seconds and can easily be done discreetly. Ensure you don't rub or move the paper across your skin. Just blot the oil. Press and pull away from the face.
  • Use a new sheet on other areas of your face as is necessary.
  • Dispose of the used oil blotting sheet.

Ensure you use the clean portions of the blotting paper for each area until the facial oil has been absorbed through the sheet held against the skin.

You will clearly see the oil from your face soaked through the paper, because the paper becomes transparent on the portions that have absorbed the facial oil.

You will notice the instant difference on your face as the shine totally disappears, leaving a matt finish and your make-up still in place. You can mop the shine as often as you wish.

There are a couple of hundreds or more of oil absorbing sheets in some packs, so a pack does go a long way, and can last you a few months.

They come with a minimum of 60 blotting sheets in a pack, and as many as 300 in a pack, depending on the manufacturer.

Popular Types of Facial Oil Blotting Papers

You can find facial oil blotting papers at local stores around you, or you can conveniently order them online from the comfort of your own home.

The popular choices include papers with skin soothing components such as:

Many people love the Lavender and chamomile oil blotting papers, but most prefer to use the powder-free plain version so as to avoid unnecessary skin allergies.

They are odourless and work like magic, keeping your face great looking, and your makeup in place.

A "Must Have" Product for Oily Skin

Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Papers (100 Sheets) can be used over makeup or on bare skin for an alluring and perfect matte finish.

And if you want to keep your skin looking shower fresh, always have a purse-sized pack that's compact, hygienic, and easy-to-use, and perfect to carry around in your make-up bag, or handbag - (comes in a compact gold metal case that tucks away neatly in your purse).

On a final note, do not use a single sheet more than once because reusing an oil blotting sheet can cause skin breakouts and even acne.

And if you wish to reapply your make-up after blotting the facial oil, make sure you have fully blotted all the excess oil on your face. Adding make-up on top of oily skin can never give a good finish, and is unhygienic.

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      viryabo 23 months ago

      Thank you Oily Skin Facial.

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      Okay, i'll work on something this week. I have oily skin but on my face only too. Discovered these blotting papers are the best to have on hand everyday.

      Expect my dry skin hub soon.


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      Very informative hub my dear friend Viryabo.:). I have a very dry skin. Is just my face , always have to mosturise with good cream :) Can you do a hub for dry skin :) God Bless.