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Is Rhinoplasty Worth It? My Nose Job Experience

Maria has been an online writer for several years. Her articles often focus on beauty and beauty products.

If you're thinking of getting a nose job, make sure you know exactly what you're getting into.

If you're thinking of getting a nose job, make sure you know exactly what you're getting into.

What You Don't Know About Getting a Nose Job

We love to look at the before and after pictures of nose job recipients. How many have you seen? But the photos don't tell the whole story.

Do they show how the nose job may cause minor, but permanent, difficulties breathing? How you can't breathe through your nose because it gets too dry, and how things never smell the same post-surgery? Or, how you'll always have difficulty wearing a scuba mask? How it also changes your smile?

I will tell you how my life changed after my nose job, so that you know what to expect if you decide to go for it.

Rhinoplasty: Pros and Cons

  • My profile? Way better. Although the tip of my nose is now slightly deviated towards the right, so at certain angles I appear to have a hook nose. A small one, but a hook nonetheless. I must add that no one notices it until I point it out. So I have decided to stop pointing it out!
  • My front? Worse. After the narrow hump was removed, my nose looks wider than before. The nostrils are also more noticeable.
  • The tip of my nose? Slow improvement. For quite some time post-surgery, the tip looked like that of a clown! :l It stayed swollen for a long time (I'm talking more than a year) but at least I no longer feel I have a clown tip! But there is still room for improvement.
  • My smile? Worse. My lovely smile! And my lips! No one told me that would change. The doctor cut the skin that holds the upper lip attached to the gum, close to the canine teeth. Just two tiny pieces of skin made such a difference.
  • Sense of smell? The same. But my friend's mother had some problems with hers, so you should be warned.
  • Breathing? Same. Except since now my nostrils are pointed slightly higher, air (and water!) enters more easily, which I notice especially when it is cold. Also, the inside of my nose gets dry faster. My aunt was no longer able to breathe so easily after her surgery.
  • Picking your nose? You know, that human need in response to itchiness? The nose is really swollen after the surgery so even after the cast is removed, you will find you can't stick your finger inside. If I had an itch, I found it helpful to just push the side of the nostril slightly towards the center. Keep in mind my surgery was very simple. This may not work for every case, as there are different approaches and different parts that are cut or dealt with depending on the particulars of every surgery. Anyway, handle your nose with care.
  • Enduring high altitudes? My nose bleeds slightly when I fly on planes. I guess it is due to dryness. You won't notice it until you blow your nose and see blood spots in the tissue, but it is minor, not really a nuisance.
  • Heads turning to look at me on the street? No change, not even when my nose still looked very swollen. I was glad about this, though.
  • Snorkeling? Uncomfortable. I can't keep the mask on for too long, but I still go snorkeling.

Was getting a nose job worth it in the end? If I could go back in time knowing what I know now, would I do it again?

Was It Worth It?

Nope. Knowing what I know now, I would not do it again. Do I regret it? Nope, I don't like to regret things in life so I have made my peace with it.

  • There are questions that will never be answered for sure, like, would I have be given the same opportunities with my old nose? You know? Now that I think about it, chances are I would. I am an intelligent person, like you and most of us—most of the time— so I think I would have. Besides, something happened to me that has happened to a lot of my friends who have also undergone nose jobs: no one even noticed the change!
  • So much is said about beauty and the importance of first impressions, but seriously, how much can a nose change you? It won't make you smarter, nicer, or more lovable.
  • Maybe you'll be more attractive and hopefully you will like the results so you will find yourself more attractive. But maybe the problem is in your perception of your nose, not your nose itself. For example, Michael Jackson saw flaws when he looked in the mirror, and how did we react to his face after so many surgeries? People start looking freaky.
  • Do you really think that just a nose will change your future? If you want to be in showbiz, it will probably increase your chances of getting gigs, but I have started to see big noses on some TV shows, like Drop Dead Diva. Well done! Otherwise it would be discrimination for not having a nose that fits the Barbie beauty stereotype!
  • However, your attitude towards life will change your future whether you change parts of your body or not. If changing parts of your body will change your attitude then I would say go for it.
  • Years later, the tip of my nose is still swollen. It is also slightly crooked. Sometimes it still looks like a clown's nose (a small ball at the tip).
  • Four years after the surgery, my nose suddenly started "clicking." Yep. Whenever I move my lips, I hear a click. I've googled it and apparently it's nothing to worry about. This just comes to show that even after years later, the effects of the surgery may change.

All in all, it was not worth it. However, I have learned my lesson. Even with my imperfect nose I will continue to be a very happy and successful person! This time I ain't letting a nose get on my way! =)

If you decide to do it, I wish you the best of luck with the result! I hope you are completely satisfied with it or at least able to live with it. But I would like to really stress that it is your brains that will dictate the direction of your life, not your nose :0)

Beautiful or not?

Beautiful or not?

Plastic Surgery: Yay or Nay? Participate in the Discussion

It would be interesting to know how plastic surgery has changed your life or the life of a loved one. Speaking of loved ones, do you love them more now than you did before just because of the change? If you have a child that is considering it, do you encourage them or try to stop them?

By the way, I had my nose done at the age of 38, so I had already enjoyed success with a big, eagle-like nose. I already knew my brain power and my spiritual power too. So I was okay with a drastic physical change because it would no longer confuse me into giving importance to something so subjective as physical looks. Why I did it? I wanted to be on TV and I thought that a nose that resembled the accepted beauty stereotype would increase my chances of landing a gig. The strange part is that I had already worked on TV with an eagle-like nose! Didn't that tell me something? Apparently not. However, to my credit, I am a 34A (yep, flat chested), and that I will not change!

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Readers Experiences With Nose Jobs


I do believe that if you can change and it works for you, good on you! - anonymous

Right now I am a nay since it’s only been five weeks and the tip of my nose still looks like bozo and constantly runs. Also, it is still tender and my once beautiful smile is gone. You can barely see my top teeth when I smile. I had been teased about my wide nose my whole life, but I think I should have left it alone because it’s still wide, but now it sticks out more and is very round at the tip. I am also more prone to breakouts now. - anonymous

I had open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and I am currently 20 years old. While it is obviously very early on in my recovery process, I am completely in love with my new nose. That being said, I have my days. Since everyday it looks like it's changing, there are days where it's more swollen and I'm not as big of a fan. Then there are days, like today, where I love it. It's not a drastic change from my previous nose. I had a tip rotation to bring it up since it drooped when I smiled and also got a small hump reduction. I think rhinoplasty isn't about getting a 'perfect' nose but rather a refined nose for your face. My changes aren't huge and maybe not noticeable to most, but I notice it, and that's what matters. I think it's so important to make sure you get it done for yourself. I feel beautiful now, even with the subtle changes, and I wouldn't take it back for anything. - anonymous

I had my surgery 3 months ago. Since than everything is falling apart. I regret it every single day. I just don’t feel like myself anymore, and I miss my old big nose. I never thought I would feel like this. If I could turn back time, I would never do it. My marriage is falling apart because I don’t feel like me anymore. I asked for small changes and I got too many changes. I am depressed and regret it. Please don’t do this to yourself. If your breathing is fine, just leave your nose in peace. No one can guarantee you how it will look in the future. - wiki

I got my nose job 13 years ago at the age of 18, the summer before I went off to college. It went well, I never think about it now unless I have to wear goggles or sunglasses without those adjustable nose pieces. The doc placed grafted bone/tissue near the upper bridge to avoid having a ski slope effect from cutting down the "bump" and sometimes they are uncomfortable when pressed on. Aside from that, I have never looked back...until this weekend. I didn't know I'd want to play rugby later in life and now I have to see a specialist to reset my newly broken nose because it is a little delicate having been previously operated on. Perhaps 18 was a little young to decide, but I was relentlessly harassed all through school about my "big" nose and it was nice not to have that in my life anymore. Did my smile change? Hard to say. From some angles my old nose suited my face better, but from the most obvious angles, especially the profile, there is a remarkable improvement. - anonymous

I regret my nose job every day. The doctor didn't necessarily do a bad job but it just doesn't suit my face. I used to have a long nose and now it's slightly pig-like, pinched, and pointed in an upward direction. My mom used to tell me how ugly my nose was all throughout my childhood. With her pressuring me, I ended up having the procedure done at 22 years old. I look at old pictures before that time and see a beautiful, smiling girl. The girl I see now (four years later) is still attractive but she isn't me. It's strange to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. If I've learned anything from this experience, it's to never criticize the way my children look. I will never cause them the pain that my mother caused me. For anyone out there considering getting a nose job - don't do it. You'll miss your old self and end up grieving the loss of the person you used to be. - Don't do it

I am pro nose job. I had one about six months ago. I was born with a terrible deviated septum and my nose had the biggest hook. Everyone thought I was italian, but I am not in anyway. I got made fun of constantly, was always depressed and never fit it. After surgery I felt a lot better about myself and had more confidence than ever. I have a cute normal nose now, and even though my nostrils may look a little bigger it was only because my nose was so big before and i deal with it. I look completely different from every angle. My smile changed at first, but then went back to normal. Also, it was the best decision because I can breath, hear, and taste better now that my deviated septum got fixed. Every part of my life has changed for the better, and even though I was beautiful before, I am even more beautiful now. If you saw pictures you'd agree. I think you should only get it done if you REALLY need it. Like for me, I had a huge hooked nose with a bump and it was very noticeable and got made fun of continuously. Do not do it if you don't really need it. You are beautiful regardless. - anonymous

Kayla, what a wonderful story that of yours! I completely agree with you. If it will improve your breathing, hearing, smell, and so on, most definitely you should do it. If it is just plain vanity, I would advice not to because if it is only a minor change that may not be big enough for you to appreciate it. I have an acquaintance who did it for vanity, and of course, the change is not so noticeable, so she is upset about the results. I am very glad to hear that you had awesome results. Congrats on your new life! =) - Maria-Zuzeena

Pro plastic surgery. If we get the chance to change something we don’t like, we should go ahead and do it. I have had 3 nose jobs so far (in a period of 4 years) and I think this time it worked ;) - anonymous

I've had two nose surgeries: the first went really well and I should have stopped there. When I look back at pictures after that, I think I look really good. Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of weight in my face and my nose looked really long and thin, so I decided to get another surgery. BAD MISTAKE! The second doctor wasn't as good as the first, and now the tip droops really bad and it seems the skin has been pulled away from my eyes. I feel that I look really terrible now. I hate going places and I don't like people to look at me. My self esteem wasn't that great before, but now it's really bad. I also have really bad social anxiety because of it. I also have trouble smelling and I get really bad allergies. The second surgery definitely wasn't worth it. - anonymous

I'm glad I had my nose surgery. Some people have their rhinoplasties bc of tiny imperfections that they see about themselves. I finally had it done bc I've had people, friends even, out right state that I have an unattractive nose with no contour. So the nose job was a really big change for me. And perhaps I was lucky to have a great surgeon, although I did do extensive research and travelled across to the other sided of the world to do my surgery bc I was confident he was the best for my criteria. And I have more pros than I expected from this experience. I had a deviated septum and fracture I didn't know about before the surgery. Now I can breath better, my sense of smell is better. And there's no bruise on the top of my nose. This brought out much more harmony and contour to my face, so overall, there was more improvement than I expected. No you shouldn't rely on looks to reach your goals in life. You shouldn't even if your naturally beautiful, but there is no doubt it helps in whatever social endeavor. If you're equally intelligent, bright, and competent as a competitor in a job, being attractive definitely does help to win the odds. And first impressions are everything. Superficial or not, people will judge first through what they see, then interact with your personality. It is stupid to say it is immoral to change your looks for vanity. Plucking your eyebrows, cutting your hair, wearing makeup is all vanity. How is changing your own face immoral if it hurts no one other than yourself to some degree. And if nature or god intended you to be ugly, that's the same thing as saying naturally beautiful people deserved something or actively did something besides being merely an accidental genetic combination to have that physical advantage. It’s saying god intended for you to be born poor so don't try to get rich, intended for you to be born stupid so don't get an education, intended you to be born fat so don't go and exercise. If you are at peace with that too then that's fine. But I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to better oneself when it is possible. And if plastic surgery is wrong then can you call it immoral for all the people who went through freak accidents or became disfigured from war. In most cases it is purely cosmetic for them too. The only judgment is from what lines society currently draws and yourself. - anonymous

I need to clarify that I don’t believe it is immoral to change your nose. It is just less helpful for you spiritual evolution. If someone is not in a rush to evolve spiritually then it’s no biggy. I agree that being good-looking gives you an edge. I agree that first impressions create a certain "image" of you which may or may not be accurate. And this is the reason why, when hiring someone, so many tests and questions are done, in order to try to know as much as possible from someone in a brief time before casting a verdict on someone simply based on their looks. Society is little by little waking up to the realization that looks can be deceptive. The "smart" companies will try to get to know the real person whether or not they are pretty. Now as far as "deserving"... In my belief system, which accepts Karma, it is so indeed. People deserve to be pretty or plain. People are born into poor families or rich because they do deserve it. Our physical features were originally chosen by US! Before birth, we chose everything we were born with and into for our highest spiritual purpose. Having said this, karma is like a leash. It can be very long or very short and this is unknown to us. So we may just as well try to go as far as we want. The result will be according to what our karma allows. But spirituality is a different topic all together and everyone’s belief systems may differ. I am simply sharing my opinions based on my own experience. So, all in all, I am glad you are happy with your results. In the end what matters the most is our heart. As long as we have a clear conscience with ourselves and God/The Universe we will be able to lead a happy life and I believe it is that that is important. As far as society’s judgement goes, I am trying to ignore it as much as possible. I prefer to have less things to worry about. That´s another reason I will not fix my current nose. - Maria-Zuzeena

I recently had a nose job, but also had corrective surgery due to a deviated septum (nose was fractured many years ago). I'm so happy that I can finally breath through my nose. I hadn't been able to breathe through my nose for many years. Did my new nose make major changes in my life. No, but I now feel more confident of my profile and it's one less issue I have to worry about. By the way, I waited until I was almost 50 to do this surgery. I feel it was worth it, but it's not for everyone. Finally, I don't think I'll have any more plastic surgery. My neck has wrinkles but I'll buy scarfs if I want to cover them. - anonymous

I had a nose job. When the doctor does a nose job, he/she basically hits your nose to break it, and they hit me pretty hard. My doctor friend called it a head injury! I felt pretty sick during recovery. About two months after that, I began to feel dizzy, sick, nausea, sensitive to light and sound, and an odd pressure in my head. My husband loved me before the nose job and after I had surgery he still loved me the same. After the surgery, I could care less how it looked because I was so sick for three years. I quit my job and stayed home. I did not go anywhere except the doctors and did not see my family or friend ever because I was too sick to drive. Finally, I saw a doctor at the university medical center and he checked me for Cerebral spinal fluid leak—it is a risk of plastic surgery. This is when cerebral fluid from your brain is leaking. I learned a very valuable lesson. I took a huge risk with rhinoplasty and plastic surgery. I lost three years or my life to a level of physical suffering that I did not even know existed. I now realize that my attention to my looks was nothing but my own insecurities, self centeredness, and immaturity. I believe that God makes us perfect with all of our imperfections. There is beauty all around us. - Grace

I think yes. Confidence has to have a basis, and everyone is different. I find it comforting that my face is actually tolerable to look at since it is the first thing people notice when meeting for the first time. - anonymous

Well, I am 60, and I still regret it every day, I was bullied into it. I was so happy before, and I felt I fit in with normal people with normal looks. I feel plain, like I don't have that edge my larger nose gave me. I was more outspoken and could give as well as take criticism. Now, I feel weaker somehow. I guess like the dude with his long hair, when they cut it off they took his strength. I got this done at 19 and never made peace with it. I guess I was too young and never made the decision for myself. It was made for me. - anonymous

I just wanted to address the comment saying that a nose job is the ultimate symbol of vanity and materialism: You are dead wrong. As has been said times over by others, a nose job can be one of the only alternatives to a severely deviated septum or other nasal abnormalities, which makes it the ultimate sign of pragmatism in that context. Likewise, as you clearly cannot identify, some people bore the brunt of childhood nastiness and were victims of mental abuse through teasing or bullying. That builds poor self esteem and can be carried through into any number of aspects of one’s life. So tell us, genius, where does that connect to the ultimate symbol of vanity and materialism? The ultimate signs you speak of are things that are clear or obvious: when you see a man or woman who are obsessed with their looks or their wealth. Those are the ultimate symbols of vanity or materialism. So you went to India and now you think you possess the insights of a spiritual guru. Boy are you so far off the mark. You don't even have a proper head on your shoulders. - J

I am really confused about how you could go from living and traveling in India following a spiritual guide to getting plastic surgery, which is the ultimate symbol of materialism and vanity. How did this happen? What kind of Guru did you have, or better yet, what did you meditate on? Did you absorb any teachings of letting go of ego and the material world? Just traveling through the sprawling slums of India should have been eye opening and moving — enough to make you question all the material excess of the "developed world". But a nose job? Wow. - anonymous

I have had a total of six surgeries. Last one less than a year ago at the age of 41. First one at 25. Having a huge, long-hooked nose was a serious issue to deal with my entire life. I personally thought I was ok, but others, especially dear friends and guys, had different opinions. It hurts when anyone points to your imperfections even with good intentions to help. When it's someone you’re in love with, pain is too much to take. You pretty much get crushed. Saying that... I had no problem finding plenty of boyfriends with my huge nose, terrible crooked teeth, bad skin, and apple shaped body with flat butt. The question was what quality of guys I was able to get? I didn't have much choice in guys like pretty girls had and those who came along were obviously not good. Good guys, any guy for that matter, want a cute girl and they simply passed me...end of story. But I was young and didn't understand any of that. So that's how I made my way to a plastic surgeon the first time. After my first surgery, I experienced a ton of functional issues. It wasn't successful. I was left with awful uneven nostrils and a very wide front, but I had an improved profile. My face looked completely different and not in a good way. The surgeon explained that it's like a pyramid structure: you cut off the top of it and the wide base is left. To move the pyramid’s sides and at the same time remove the top is not possible: the whole structure would collapse...but I learned all of this AFTER second surgery. Today I know that only slight improvement is possible and noses like mine have to be done by the top reconstructive surgeons because it's not the same as a little bump, hump, or any other small defect. Chances that such task will be successful are slim, like with any complex surgery. Even after final surgery, my nose is still big and wide, but at least now it is finally proportional to my face (not sticking out, not uneven, and not deformed). That's a HUGE improvement for me, but could have been disappointment to someone else. - Tanya

As someone who has had a nose job, I definitely think it's a con. While there are some people who get great results, I don't think it's the majority. I would suggest you research and not just about the good results, but the bad ones too (especially the bad ones). I personally think my old nose flattered me more. Then again, it was the nose I was born with. I guess we forget that we were made a specific way so that all our features blend together. When we try to change one part, we tend to forget how it'll fit into our old faces that weren't designed for it. I believe this is the reason why some people go back and get more surgery because they start noticing other parts of their face that don't match. Changing your face is a huge decision. It's not like getting implants where you can always remove them or hide them. Your face is the first thing people see and when you are not happy with it, it can change your life and not in a good way. There are a lot of stories of people who are depressed after a nose job and I too have felt that. My advice to someone who is looking to get surgery: if it’s your face, think long and hard because while your face can get better, it can also get worse. I miss my old face and wish I would know back then what I know now because I would not have done it. It's also depressing when you work hard and saved for a long time (since they are not cheap) and end up feeling like you paid someone to make you look worse. Just because they are known as the best or specialize in it, or even if you know a patient who had great results, every case is different and you may not get to be as lucky as them. - anonymous


I am against nose jobs. I have a bit of a bump on my nose and I hate it! But my friends and family don't see it as bad at all, so maybe we see parts of ourselves that we think are unattractive because we're only focussing on that part, but when others see us they look at us in general and not just one feature. That's probably why most people don't even realise if you've had a nose job! Besides, most would agree when I say that God made our noses to suit the rest of our facial features and when you do a nose job something in a way looks wrong. - anonymous

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Comments Are Welcomed

Kremy on July 25, 2019:

Getting a nosejob was the best decision I've ever made and I regret not doing it earlier.

I had the surgery done by a doctor who only does rhinoplasty and has been doing it for 25 years. He has a LOT of experience. He told me what he'll change and what he won't change. He told me he sends women away constantly because they turn up with a picture of a celebrity and expect him to do it. Other plastic surgeons would do it for the money but not him. That was the first sign that I chose the right person.

He only changed my nose bridge (was similar to yours with a bump) and made my tip smaller. He also filled my lips up with a minimal amount of hyaluron to match my nose.

I feel like a new person, I have confidence now and my life has just gotten so much better.

So anyone looking for a surgeon: look for one who does only nose jobs and can offer you a 4D picture of your face where you can see how it'll look. It costs money but it is a 100% worth it because you know what to expect.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on July 01, 2019:

Oh no, I'm sorry to learn about your experience. You know? It's just a nose and you are still you own amazing self with or without it. We give too much importance to our look and forget ALL the rest of us, including our wonderful mind and kind and loving heart. Make sure to stay healthy physically and mentally and forget about your nose. That's what I decided to go because if I had already screwed it once I wasn't planning to screw it again. So this time I'm living with my nose as it is and focusing on everything else. Cheer up and learn your lesson! Don't make the same mistake twice, this is your chance to get it right by leaving your nose alone =) My best wishes to you.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on July 01, 2019:

Hi Bren, no it doesn't. It's just like make up, it only lasts while it's on.

Beth on April 04, 2019:

I had surgery and regret it everyday. It changed my face more than I though it would. I used to be photogenic and now I look freaky.

Always get a few opinions from different surgeons and just because a surgeon recommends certain changes on your nose, saying 'it will be a very good result' go home and research it and check your photos if you actually want to change that part. Surgeons are just people. Some care for your wellbeing whereas others see your money. It's a good idea to see a therapist and talk it over.

Before surgery, try getting fit and healthy, a new haircut, a new wardrode... surgery should be your last option. Do not rush into changing your looks especially if you don't really have a problem (nose too big, too small, hunched).

Good luck to those who have surgery coming up. It can be a good result but check out the risks and be 100% that this is really want you want and not a phase you are going through.

cindy on April 03, 2019:

This has been the worse decision of my life and I think about suicide everyday.

My mistake was having a 2nd operation as the first left me with a slight irregularity and before any research, I picked up the phone to a company and saw the surgeon. The sales pitch worked on me and I ended up having a completely new nose. This new nose is so out of proportion for my face, way smaller and even my nostrils were changed.

I do not look or feel like myself and life is hard. I should have left well alone and not had the second operation. However, the complexity of a second was not explained or even the risks. In fact one risk factor I asked about was damed down.

Anyone thinking of this surgery. Please think long and hard. You are changing your appearance forever. If you can live with your nose and are a happy person on the whole, keep happy :)

lexaterrestrial on March 13, 2019:

I however got a nose job in May of last year... and ever since then.. i swear, i didnt think it would effect me like it has...

I like the way it looks... but its harder to breathe and sing. And in all honesty it doesn't look that much different - shorter and less exotic. And my doctors said to fix my other stuff first before i go thinking about making it different to help me breathe... And thats what scares me. Is living with this mistake.

And its brought up a whirlwind of unsolved fears in me

I have always had a weird sleep schedule...voice issues & anxiety ... but now it's way worse.. My family AND FRIENDS are telling me to live with it... and not go back. Which is what's even worse.

I can barely get a good nights sleep... and go throughout my day without feeling anxious, or in pain.

& I CAN'T FIGURE OUT if its because of breathing hinderances.. which my doctor mentioned.. or more physiological...

I feel so much guilt... Even though it might actually not be that bad...

And there's always options...

I am going back and forth with what to do... and then i'm like "well i'm still not successful yet....How will i ever deal with Life ?? And real adult shit??? "

Will i ever be happy?

I didn't really care about those things before. I should have just kept going... But i thought this would help.

My doctors, EVERYONE told me it wasn't necessary. But i didn't like my nose at all angles.. or at all..

And i didn't think tweaking it would have this much of an effect on me...

I would have done it anyway...

I am so guilt ridden and scared as to what to do... And i am barely eking by in Life.

I fear i’m not going to make it…

Its just been a slow decline since i got this done. And everyones telling me to not do anything.

I have been to the hospital..

And my only hope is that i can get a revision IN THE FUTURE.

Its affected my life like crazy.

And i fear either hindered breath or risking it all & fixing this and not looking as cute as i was prior to it and then ending up killing myself over it

I know that's rash. BUT, it's how much guilt i feel.

NJ on June 05, 2018:

Thanks so much for writing this article. I wish I had read it before getting a nose job. In an increasingly media frenzied world, I felt like all I ever did was look at other women with perfect features or at least features that harmoniously fit their faces. I, on the other hand, was getting to the point where I hated taking pictures. Dreaded it in fact. After a lot of thought, I decided to bite the bullet and have the surgery. I found a surgeon I liked and even though I was having doubts right up to the point where I went under anesthesia, I went through with it. All I would say to anyone debating having a nose job is to take into account everything that goes into it. Yeah you see a lot of pictures of beautiful before and after's but search the botched ones as well. Think about the fact that your nose will never be as strong again, you might develop breathing issues, you might have a complication. You could come out of this even more depressed than before. If I could go back, I would have told myself to love myself more b/c my nose never made me who I was.

Jen on May 24, 2018:

Anyone who is getting rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons and or functional reasons should read this article!

I learned from the authors experiences and others that one should follow strict standards when choosing a surgeon:

1). Find a surgeon that is an ENT & a Plastic Surgeon (they are considered double board certified). Their are very few of them, but they exist! You just have to do your research.

Why is this important? If you don’t want to risk your nose collapsing in the future or having functional issues such as breathing problems, finding a plastic surgeon that is an ENT is very important.

(*)I would state that there there are two very important criterias you want to look for in a surgeon:

1). Board certification by either the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) or the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is very important. The basic difference between them is as follows: those certified by the ABFPRS are usually first certified in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ABOto). The training and surgical skills are honed exclusively on disease, cancers, disorders, and cosmetic/ reconstructive challenges of the face, head, and neck. 25% of the examination (oral and written) for Board certification in Otolaryngology is represented by Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery questions. Those with a specific interest in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery have the option of completing a fellowship, and then obtaining a second board certification by the ABFPRS. ABFPRS diplomates will typically focus on cosmetic/ reconstructive challenges on the face.

Those who are ABPS certified typically do their initial training in General Surgery (abdominal, breast, hernia, gall bladder,vascular procedures), followed by training in Plastic Surgery, which involves cosmetic and reconstructive challenges on the entire body.

Those certified by the ABFPRS and the ABPS have typically been very successful academically in medical school and in their post-graduate training. Both groups have competitive, well trained surgeons in their ranks.

*Note: I have found that surgeons that have a strong specialty in facial reconstructive surgery are usually the ones that have the ability to achieve harmonious and aesthetically pleasing results due to their speciality.

2). Prospective patients seeking Facial Plastic Surgery should seek out a surgeon who is certified either by the ABFPRS or the ABPS and who happens to perform a lot of facial surgery.

3). Reputation of an individual surgeon is also very critical; fantastical advertising and "too good to be true" marketing is to be avoided. The face and neck have very complex anatomy and require the skills of a surgeon who is not an occasional interloper. Do not ignore the negative reviews! Hard to believe, but double board certified surgeons that are very good doctors (yes, I have met them when in search for finding ‘the one’) do not have bad reviews when it comes to their specialty!

4). Check if the doctor is affiliated with any well known top rated hospitals (if not, R U N!). Surgeons that are affiliated with a hospital are known to also work on emergency cases in the hospital and or injured hospital patients are often referred to that Surgeon from the hospital for facial/ nose re-construction.

5). A surgeon that is known for doing phenomenal revisions are the ones that are gonna deliver the best results.

6). When you do choose a surgeon, note-take what he says during your consultation to research later ! This gives you confidence in the authority of his suggestions.

Leahm on March 02, 2018:

For my 20 years of life, i was constantly bullied at school because my classmates were saying that i was ugly. They were laughing and saying that i was funny looking. Well at the age of 14, i don't think that everyone look perfect. Your body is changing all the time. I never thought that appearance was playing such a big role. So i started thinking about changing myself. That's how my complex of inferiority was born. So after 2 years i changed my school. A year ago we met again, and they were shocked. I really changed. My face became more define. Shortly, I've changed dramatically. And my so called friends say that i'm beautiful Now.

But after all this years, i don't feel like myself. I'm not confident (thou i work on it everyday). Sure, i don't have huge nose, but still, this complex is with me everyday. Months ago i was going to have Nose Job, but decided to wait for 2 years, and if i don't change my mind, i will do it. When i started loving myself and excepting myself the way i was born, my mom tells me, that it would make me better with new nose.

I'm sure there are lots of people who wonder, how everything will change after this "small" change.

Dear friends, unfortunately 21'st century is rough. No one thinks about inner beauty. Your appearance plays big role. But without self love, even this change can't make others love you. So don't think about others opinion. If you think that you want to change yourself and you are sure about it 100%, then do it.

I'm still going to wait more before changing myself. It all depends on us.

Bethy on February 28, 2018:

It is great to read your experience- probably i should write also mine. I had terrible nose literally i looked like a witch:-( Could not avoid people staring at me all the time and pointing. So that is way i decided for rhinoplasty. If i regret- NO, it was the best thing i have done in my life. Because of moneylike i traveled to Czech republic and yes people thought that the job will not be done properly in that country, but were mistaken. Since i got to Forme clinic i had good feeling and all the worries just dissapeared. Lovely staff and not talking about my surgeon who did his job with care. Now my nose look perfect and finally i feel pretty.

holiday on June 19, 2017:

You don't look like you needed a nose job but some people such as myself actually do have a bad nose. I have a deviated septum, it's really fat at the end, it's drooping and there's a bump. I look absolutely hideous so for someone like myself, i'd trade up my sense of smell completely and even a finger or two if I could just for once look in the mirror and not become severely depressed. I wish all of this was in my head but it's not. I want a wife, kids and friends that I don't feel insecure around. I want to feel accepted by myself and my peers. I don't care if a nose job will not get me a PhD because for some of us our physical appearance has stripped us from our own happiness and I'd do anything to get it back.

kathrina lewis on May 13, 2017:

A natural appearance of a person’s nose is one that is harmony with a person’s facial characteristics that does not look out of place or out of character. A pinched or pointy tip, a scooped bridge or a nose that looks too small are some signs of a rhinoplasty that looks surgical.Rhinoplasty is an artistic surgery as there is no black and white definition for the final result, it requires an artistic eye to interpret facial characteristics and balance that with surgical technique in order to give a natural looking result. There an recognized contours in the nose shape, angles between the nose and facial characteristics that should be taken into account with nose reshaping.

Bren on December 03, 2015:

Does rulav change your nose over the time

Angie on April 08, 2015:

Some of these comments prove why seeking a highly qualified surgeon is paramount. I got a rhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago. Most of the swelling has gone down, and i am pleased with my nose. Having said that, i have a few questions and comments:

1. Why did the surgeon remove some of the skin between your nose and upper lip?

2. The manner in which the swelling goes down is influenced by how carefully the surgeon handles the nose. Other factors, such as the way your body heals, also influence swelling. That is why many experts say rhinoplasty surgery is unpredictable.

3. To reiterate, rhinoplasty is unpredictable. Your surgeon can do an exceptional job, but every individual's scar tissue behaves uniquely. Keep this in mind.

4. Do your research. Consult with more than one surgeon. Look at their previous work to determine if you like their style and technique. Each doctor has his/her own philosophy regarding how a nose looks best. For instance, some like to give their patients the super girly ski slope nose. Others like to take a more conservative approach to give you a less "worked on" nose. The best surgeons adopt an individualized approach to give you the nose you like that looks great with your other facial features.

5. Many surgeons use computer imaging to show you potential results. Your nose will not look 100% like the computer image. But, a good surgeon will come pretty darn close. At only 3 weeks, im seeing more and more of the nose i sought through the computer image.

6. Money should never be a consideration. If you're looking for the cheapest cosmetic surgeon, perhaps you should wait to save more money. For me, money was my last concern. Ultimately, finding an experienced surgeon (with 20+ years of rhinoplasty experience) whose work i appreciated was most important.

7. Finally, ask lots of questions. Some surgeons like to do open rhinoplasties. Others like to do closed ones. There are pros and cons to each approach, so determine which approach you feel more comfortable with. Ask how many rhinoplasties they do in a given year. Ask to see their work.

Tamara on March 28, 2015:

I would love if those who have had positive experiences could share their doctors names.

ilrhinoplastydoc on March 01, 2015:

What a great overview of your experience! You're truly helping others considering rhinoplasty and a tough decision.

- Jon from

giwrgos-gkaraklidis on February 08, 2014:

@Maria-Zuzeena: you are so sweet!! I loved u and I would love to keep in touch with you. i wrote you a reply but as i see it didn't show up. I hope you are fine and i am absolutely honest you look really beautiful

giwrgos-gkaraklidis on February 06, 2014:

@Maria-Zuzeena: Maria am really glad for your reply your words are so kind and honest! I would really like to keep in touch with you and your actions of helping other people is precious! You are an inspirational woman. Well i will take your words into consideration and I will try not to think about it besides I have visited a psychologist and I hope this will help the situation. You are great no matter what. Your old nose looked absolutely beautiful on your face and it was a tiny one. Your current nose looks the same in my opinion but I see it in pics so it may differ in reality. Maybe you should go to a doctor (not a plastic surgeon) to tell you how to cope with the dry and easily bleeding nose. Someone expert to tell you what to do. Do not neglect it! Thank you so much, I hope we can talk often have a nice day and be so inspirational.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on February 05, 2014:

@giwrgos-gkaraklidis: Hello Giwrgos! Sorry for not replying earlier, I've been a little busy.

I would say to wait until you are 30 and see how you feel about your nose then. At your age it's very common to be insecure about our looks and some times everything else about us.

From your pic you look great!! I have seen men who look absolutely awesome even if their nose is not perfect.

You can try the plastic thingy for the nose if you want. However be ware that you may like very much how you look with it. It is NOT a permanent change, it lasts only while you have the thingy on and sometimes it may slip out. But don''t worry, you would usually feel it and have time to excuse yourself and go to a bathroom either to fix it or to remove them both.

If you want to take pics of you it will be fun. It really can change the shape of your nose but, unfortunately, a surgery can not replicate the effect, which is what i didn't know. I thought the surgery would give me the same nose that plastic thingy did, and it didn't.

As you know I regret having done my nose job. So I would definitely encourage you to enjoy your healthy nose as it is and appreciate it. Now it's not so easy for me to go through the Canadian winter, for instance. My nose gets very dry and bleeds a little sometimes. No big deal but it had never happened before and it is a nuisance I never had. Seriously, enjoy you healthy nose. Once you loose it it's too late.

Plus you look great! Focus your energy and time on other things that can take you where you want to go.

All the best! =)

giwrgos-gkaraklidis on February 05, 2014:

Hello Maria!! First of all i want to thank you for doing this amazing job, sharing your own experiences with your procedure and giving your opinion about this whole thing. I am really glad that I incidentally found out about this website. I am George and I am 19 years old. I am really sad with the nose I have. I always wanted to change it, well the problem started at the age of 17. I don't know how but I accidentally became too cautious about my external appearance and I wanted to change my nose to look better. I sometimes cry about it I don't know how to react. Anyway, I went to a plastic surgeon and I told him that I do want to go on the process of the operation. But i told him that as soon as I earn the money I will totally do it. I haven't done it yet and after reading all those comments of you and of other people here I must admit that I don't have the same, lets say passion for going on with the surgery. People often comment on my looks. saying am beautiful am attractive but i don't see this. Sometimes I do feel beautiful but other times I feel hideous and like a monster and I really want to die those moments. My nose is not that bad but I just don't like it. I would really like to know your opinion aboyt my case if its possible and if you have time about it. I saw a plastic object that helps to reshape your nose naturally, can this little thing help me? If you want I can send you photos to see the way my nose looks. Thank you again for your time reading this whole post and I truly wish God bless you for making this site! You are beautiful on the outside as I saw your photos and I ve seen them so many times today. You are a beautiful woman and you remind me my uncle's wife who is pretty like you! I don't see any difference between your old and new nose i think that they both look normal and natural and they both fit on your face, there is balance among your eyes, nose, mouth and that gives harmony! Thank you i will be waiting for your reply!! kisses

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on October 27, 2013:

@anonymous: HI Etos, the exact answer to your question can only be given by a surgeon himself. Sorry, I don't have the answer to that.

sean-dinkins-3 on October 24, 2013:

Great Article. I had my nose done a long time ago in Colorado by Dr. Shah. Please write more about this as I may need another one from a snowboarding accident last year.

richardp26 on October 17, 2013:

I really am proud of your decision to get your nose done and I am sorry to hear all the bad stuff that you went through. But anytime any goes to a Rhinoplasty Surgeon Queens, Long Island or any place for that matter you always have risks. Keep up the positive attitude!!

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on September 01, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi CC,

My apologies for my late reply.

Right after the surgery your nose is not like a normal nose. You do need to be more careful but as time passes it does become almost like a normal nose. At least mine hasn't yet gone fully back to "normal" and it has already been 4 years.

Regarding sleeping positions at the beginning you sure need to be careful but later on it doesn't matter.

I mentioned the other points in my lense. Basically time heals all.

anonymous on August 16, 2013:

Nice post.I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work about Rhinoplasty.The thought you have shared really appreciative.Thumbs up, and keep it going!

anonymous on July 06, 2013:

I have a few questions, if that's okay.

1. After surgery, is the nose like a normal nose? Like can you go on with life like you usually do or do you have to be more cautious?

I heard once that you have to sleep in only one position because it could destroy the nose job if you sleep face down or sideways, is that true?

2. Are there extra precautions?

3. Are you not allowed to touch your nose?

4. Can I live life like I normally do?

5. What happens I a ball accidentally hits me square in the nose?

6. What happens if I get punched in the face?

7. I just want to know what all the downsides are and the upsides

8. If I accidentally walk into a wall, what happens?

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on June 29, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi again Twil... I still didn't get your email addres....

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on June 29, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi Twil,

I'm so sorry to hear this. If you do decide to go ahead and try to fix what was previously done I hope you find an experienced and skillful doctor to perform the operation. Especially if you are still having problems after 15 years! I wish you all the best and i think you will find what you are looking for. Esthetic surgery has changed so much since you had you're done and there are so many options now. I do hope you get something that pleases you. All the best!

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on June 19, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi Katerina! And learn we will, and life will be beautiful again and we will be a lot wiser because we will have learned our lesson. You may not believe this but now I even stand up for girls that are judged as not very pretty just because they have a big nose...

Life is awesome! We just have to focus on everything that is so too =) You shall find awesomeness again =)

anonymous on May 19, 2013:

Hey! I love your post. I must say you still look beautiful. I had my surgery about 3-4 months ago and I miss my old nose SO MUCH! My dr. just changed way too much and all I wanted was my profile. Obviously, I'm like you, trying to find the positive, knowing that I'm still smart, intelligent, cute/pretty and that I will never get surgery again! SIGH ---- I wish turning time was possible....but I guess we just have to live with it...

anonymous on March 12, 2013:

oops! forgot to enter my email address below.

anonymous on March 12, 2013:

Hi Maria, you are an exception because you're beautiful. I think you look great before and after. I would say for someone with a very wide flat thick big nose like mine was (still big) then its a good idea to get a nose job. One thing I noticed is that my philtrum is much more spaced because of my nose implant. Before my nostils and tip were closer to my upper lip and I really miss that :((. My nasolabia folds look different when smiling after narrowing the nostrils. which is not good but the narrow nostril looks great. My side profile is better but unfortunately my nose tip is too upturned :((. This does not look right on an African American (??). So all in all I would have preferred getting my bridge built up without using an Implant. Its been 15 years since the surgery. So now searching for another doc who can take out the implant and build up my bridge. I'm so scared I may have problems in the tip. We will see. I've had nose bleeds off and on. Sometimes breathing problems in the right nostil. Yeap, the price we must pay.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on February 13, 2013:

@anonymous: Sara, thank you very much for your kind comments. I have made my peace with it although i definitely wish I hadn't done it. What can I say but live and learn. No more aesthetic surgeries for me =) Have an awesome day!

anonymous on February 12, 2013:

@Maria-Zuzeena: What purpose does it serve? And why did he cut inside your mouth if your nose was the problem? Please be more clear in your answering.

anonymous on February 06, 2013:

You looked beautiful before and beautiful after. But since you want to be in tv, you look more conventionally beautiful after so maybe it'll help you career even though you miss the uniqueness of your old nose. And since you look great either way, perhaps the nose job is not such a bad thing

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on January 14, 2013:

@anonymous: Hi, sorry to take so long to reply. My advice now, after my nose job, is it's not really worth it. Especially in pubic life if they have something to talk about you it works in your favor. I would agree with your mom and I would suggest you to start focusing all your energy on acquiring the intellectual and emotional skills that will give you an edge over other candidates to get the job you want. A perfect looking face may open doors more widely but a kind heart and a knowledgeable brain will bring about the rest of the interviews and maybe even the job. Good luck!

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on January 14, 2013:

@anonymous: It is not the one right under the central part of the nose. He cut the ones to the sides almost above the canines. Well, now we know they do serve a purpose... :S

anonymous on December 11, 2012:

Why did the doctor cut the skin that holds the upper lip attached to the gum? Are you talking about the lipfrenum inside the mouth? What does that have to do with the nosejob, and why does that change your smile. It doesn't serve any purpose

anonymous on November 29, 2012:

Hi Maria,

Thank you so much for all of your openness and honesty about your experience. I'm actually considering a nose job, but your comments have given me a lot to think about. Like you, I'm interested in working in public life, so my self-consciousness about my nose feels like a big deal to me. Problem is, I got a consult with my doctor and he showed me what he thinks is a "reasonable" expectation for my improved nose. I think there's a big difference, but my Mom, the person I trust to be totally honest with me, thinks there's not. Would you mind giving me an opinion? I really, really want a nose job, but I don't want to get the surgery only to have my bubble burst "big time" when it doesn't end up the way I think. Thank you so much.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on November 29, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Eve,

I know what you mean. From my own experience I can tell you that the best thing you can do now is to accept the way you look... for now and until enough time has passed to consider making any more changes. Once your nose tissue has settled you will be able to have a more objective point of view and then, decided whether or not to go ahead with more changes. It has been 3 years for me and I still see changes! =) Cheer up! it does get better =)

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on November 29, 2012:

@anonymous: Thanks, I'll keep it in mind if I decide to go for one. Cheers!

anonymous on November 12, 2012:

I had my nose job 2 months ago by a very reputable doctor. I still believe in him but I think I should have left well enough alone. I was happy with my front view & only wanted to change my profile. My friends thought I was crazy. I did have a typical ethnic nose & was always self conscious of it. I think I was the only one who saw it that way. Two months later & barely no one noticed the "improvement". I guess the nose fits my face but don't think it was worth the money or time spent recuperating. I am still having breathing problems, nose runs more often & my sense of smell isn't totally back. I feel I have a funky smell coming from my nose but my doctor says I am the only one that will notice it. I hope he's right. I also have a small indentation on the bridge of my nose which I never had before. My doctor gave me silicone injections last week to get rid of it & told me to wait a few more months before anything else is done. I just don't feel myself yet & are embarrassed to share my possible "mistake" with friends or family. I hope time will heal all.

anonymous on November 12, 2012:

In my opinion nose surgeries outside of Iran are nowherewhereas good-if all fails in the future, buy yourself a ticket to Tehran and they can perform a revision rhinoplasty...they have the best surgeons in the world and are highly experienced.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on November 09, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Exbignose. Once we go through surgery I think the best is to make peace with the results. Besides, I have good news for you! The nose will continue to change at least for the next year. In my case it has been 3 years and it has kept improving. We won't get our original nose back, but there is still hope that our current one will improve. All the best!

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on November 09, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Veronica, thank you very much for your words of encouragement. In my case it has already been 3 years and it is still changing. Did I hear someone say it may take up to 5 years? I wish i had known this when I made my decision, but at least I know it know. The past month I have spent it in Sweden, with cold weather and that has actually helped to reduce the size! I hope the change holds once I return to my tropical weather home. Once again, thanks and have a fantastic day!

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on November 09, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Niecy, Thank you for your very kind comments. I have made peace with the results and feel perfectly happy with what I've got. The tip has continue to reduce in size so now it has started to look more like what it used to look before. I may update the pics down the road to show the continuous improvement! Once again, thanks, and have an awesome day!

anonymous on November 01, 2012:

@anonymous: I agree

anonymous on November 01, 2012:

You are beautiful. I didn't notice the tip either until you pointed it out. You are entirely too hard on yourself dear. Seriously! You remind me of myself. The doctor did a good job. Please, don't worry about the things you mentioned. From an outsiders perception you look fantastic.

anonymous on October 28, 2012:

I think you're nose after surgery looks fantastic! I didn't see any problem with it before but each to there own. I plan to have rhinoplasty next year but I want to be 120% sure of what I want before hand. I guess it all just depends on how you feel about yourself. I think that should be the only reason for surgery. If it makes you feel more confident within yourself then I don't see a problem with plastic surgery. I know a few people who had also had rhinoplasty and they have said it can take 2 or so years for the nose to completely settle and all the swelling to go down. So you never know, you might wake up one morning and decide that you love the way you look. Regardless, I think you look beautiful and I hope one day you can feel better about your surgery. All the best!

anonymous on October 26, 2012:

Hello, i had my rhinoplasty surgery 2 months ago, it was a huge nose which i really didn't felt conscious about. I had serious problems and surgery was a must. I told the doctor i wanted the most natural looking nose. After he took the cast off, i had a different face. I have been in depression since. People say i look good but its not me and i don't feel myself. I have such small perfct looking nose. Ipits like e took half of my nose off. I def regret this surgery!! Wish i could do o etging about it

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on September 28, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Sad,

I´m sorry you had such a terrible experience. You didn´t mention how long it has been since your surgery but with time it improves somehow. My nose now is less and less swollen. It has been 3 years now... I still think I wouldn´t have done it had I know it would end up looking like this, but there's no point complaining now.

I hope after some time yours, too, improves at least a little, that will work as some kind of consolation.

My best wishes for an acceptable recovery.

anonymous on September 19, 2012:

Hi Maria,

You're so beautiful! Despite the flaws you think you have in your after pcitures, i wish i could look a quarter as good as you do afte rmy own surgery. i did mine almost a year ago and I am so so depressed. I'm trying to learn to accept it and carry on, but unlike you and some others who have posted here, in my case others HAVE noticed a difference! Not only is the front view changed- it's obvious!...and so ugly. and...even my profile which is what like you i wanted altered- isn't pleasing- it's scooped like a ski slope. All the other things you listed are true too- i can't breathe properly ( never had this problem before); I have a dent on my nose, i have long lines along the front which no one on the net seems to have mentioned ( seems like he didn't narrow my bridge at all), it's half the size it used to be, i can't wear my sunglasses anymore, i can't touch it ( even the shower hurts it), my smile is changed :( ( and I have less reasont o smile when I see myself too), there is still numbness and pain in different parts, none of my pictures look vaugely like me ( problem when travelling or doing anything official- how do you explain that away?), skin along my bridge that flaps in and out when i breathe, a raised and swollen top lip because he cut the columella too short and take to take the skin above my top lip to stitch it back together again and a huge bulbous tip.

I llook nothing likemyself- i can't recongise who is looking back at me in the mirror and i cry all the time. I have incredible social anxiety now.

I WISH I had found your site earlier or knew all these negative repercussions. You're right- they hardly EVER put the front view up!

God bless you for being positive and telling the truth and I'm glad you still look like you. ( yes I know internal beauty is important and Im grateful for that which no one can take away!! but not recogising your own reflection and having no means of changing it again is a feeling impossible to describe.)

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on August 15, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi theshoppingdiva! Thank you so much for the information you gave me! Oh wow! now I no longer feel odd. I´m glad to know it is normal for it to take up to 3 years and maybe 5. It has been 3 years for me already and my nose is still slightly swollen. Not as much as before, it is dereasing, but very slowly. Now I know I still have to wait another couple of years to see the final result. That makes me feel a lot better and hopeful! Thanks a bunch! =) By the way, if it was your doctor who gave you all that information kudos on him! I bet you have a great and honest Dr. who gave you the real picture.

anonymous on August 10, 2012:

I heard it takes a long itme for the nose to heal, up to 3 years. Even with the best surgeon, they can not guarantee you how the nose will exactly heal over time. It will go in the direction it wants to heal in after surgery. After 3 years perhaps maybe even 5 if you are still unhappy you can get a revision. I'm post-op 5 months, its not exactly what I envisioned but I still feel my nose looks a lot better than it did before. I know I have at least 2 years of slow bone and tissue healing ahead of me. The nose takes a very long time to heal, depending on the extent of work you had done and the thinnest of your skin. So patience is key.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on July 26, 2012:

@anonymous: Dr. Villalobos Ochoa. He is all in for the money. He even suggested I get breast augmentation!! Can you believe it? A doctor is supposed to make you feel good about yourself... or at least he is not supposed to make you feel self conscious! Geez! I ran away as far away as possible from him.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on July 26, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Faith, I´m sorry to hear about the results you got. I totally agree with you. I guess we have been given another chance at conquering life regardless of our looks. Hey! We´ll simply become, more creative, astute, stronger and in the end... wiser =) Thank you very much for sharing your story!

anonymous on July 18, 2012:

Who did your nose?

anonymous on July 12, 2012:

Getting a nose job 8 months ago has been the biggest mistake of my life. I did not do enough homework beforehand and didnât realize that there are FACIAL Plastic surgeons and Surgeons who specialize in Rhinoplasty. I was duped by an unethical (general) Plastic Surgery and Medi Spa office. I was happy with my looks but didnât like my bulbous tip in some of my photos so from time to time, I would look at Before/After pictures on the Internet and saw a lot of cookie-cutter nose jobs and thought NO Thank you. But one evening I came across a website that had some great pictures because the after pictures still looked like the same person only much better and the results were natural looking. Long story short, my nose job came out nothing like these great pictures and after becoming suspicious and doing some investigative work, I discovered that I was lied to by the doctor and his assistant and these Before/After pictures did not belong to my surgeon.

I now need a revision to help me breathe again and fill in the dents that my nose has been left with. I have never been so depressed in all my life. My looks have been ruined as the doctor drastically changed my entire nose in spite of his sales pitch of âsubtleâ results. They also tricked me into other surgeries and those results were disastrous as well.

Moral of the story: Love your natural self and only do plastic surgery if youâre tremendously unhappy with your looks. Do tons and tons of homework, go only to the best doctors (even if there is a consult fee) who specialize in that field. Research your doctors on Plastic Surgery websites, such as and Yelp. Read the filtered Yelp reviews and contact these people to get their story. I wish I knew what I know now BEFORE I had these surgeries. Some doctors (like mine) touch up the after photos and take the before pictures just before surgery when youâre without hair and make-up.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unhappy people who will regret their rhinoplastys for the rest of their life. Iâve read so many reviews of people who wish they had their old noses back or could turn back the hands of time. Iâm still working on getting my groove back and being happy again, but Iâll get there someday. For now, I want to warn people from making the same horrendous mistakes that I made.

anonymous on June 24, 2012:

The achievement of nose job is depending upon the doctorâs ability and experience. There are lots of people who are sad with the shape of their nose or other outlook. One can rebuild these parts because of medical reasons. This article post really helps patients to make their nose surgery safe.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on June 19, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Le Ne,

You are so totally right! There is a certain kind of human being that is not worth having around. =)

I am so glad to hear your story, it sounds like you have made peace with your current nose. Awesome! I think that is what life is all about, making peace with things that are not that important. That makes us really value those that are.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on June 19, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi Carolina, so you work as a model, uh? well, you know? if you start looking like everyone else you will have a lot of competition, if you remain unique the competition is a lot less. Seriously, now, after the whole thing i went through I know it is not worth it. We are awesome human beings and if some people are shallow enough to stay away from us because of how we look then it is for our own benefit! shallow people don´t make the best friends or company! ;)

However, if you work as a model you have more things to consider, but i still think it is best for everyone to remain as healthy and natural as possible.

Good luck with your decision! All the best!

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on June 19, 2012:

@anonymous: The nose swelling after the water diet was not totally permanent. I mean a lot went down and has stayed that way, but some days I feel it a little swollen. Nothing like before though. I haven´t kept on the water diet but I certainly make sure to drink at least 2 litters of water a day. Some days i don´t manage but I do keep trying to do it every day. You may be right regarding the swelling lasting longer in warmer weathers. I live in the Caribbean so that may be one of the reasons. When I spent a week in Paris in the winter I noticed a huge reduction in the swelling.

I hope your nose gets better!

anonymous on May 25, 2012:

Hello! I think you look beautiful! I have a very, very narrow nose (my entire family has a narrow nose, but I got the one that's a lemon). I had a severely deviated septum and had troubles breathing, was losing my voice and it affected my singing voice. They removed the septum and shaved just a touch off the top to help diminish a smidge of a bump when a shelf once came crashing down on my face when I was trying to hang it on the wall. This was covered as it was a medical problem and I paid a tiny fee for the minor shaving. I was in the hospital for 4 days and of work for 2 weeks. I was extremely bruised and swollen. Most of the time I can breathe out of my nose and I don't always mouth breathe. My nose is only a little bit straighter (the surgeon said that soft tissue has memory and will revert back to its original position). So because a C deviated looking nose (which is what I have) is the most difficult to treat and often does revert somewhat I don't think I'd chance another surgery. If I am really warm the bridge of my nose gets red and flushed and the bridge sometimes aches even though I had the surgery done 20 years ago. In addition, sometimes the incision site inside my right nostril suddenly breaks down and bleeds. I have inflammatory bowel disease so I think the mucosa breaking down is part of the problem. The profile is nicer though and it is somewhat more straight (my nose was absurdly deviated before, I felt so icky). Sometimes people can be mean though. Once someone said I looked like I had a failed nose job (and while they were right about me having surgery - even my original nose looked operated on because it is so incredibly narrow); it made me feel poorly, but the surgery had not failed because most of the time I am no longer mouth breathing. If there was certainty that 'C' type outward deviations had good outcomes, I would consider having it fixed up for aesthetic purposes, but having done so much homework and reading surgeons' opinions, I don't want to chance something really going wrong. Due to my iffy health, I don't heal well and get very sick from surgery. I am thankful that in reality I don't have anything to complain about. Seeing other people with really difficult problems, life threatening illnesses or deformities from accidents or fire really put things in perspective and I am just glad I have anose to breathe out of. It's sometimes tough to ignore people's mean remarks (even though many people say I am better than average looking - but that's with a pound of makeup on LOL!!) but I realize if they can say that to someone they don't know, they are not worth having as a friend in the first place!

anonymous on May 22, 2012:

Thank you for sharing your story. It was enlightening as I have deeply considered having a minor nose job although friends and family say I don't really truly need one. I have felt very uncomfortable about my nose for years but very hesitant to go for the surgery incase the results are not ideal or it creates breathing problems. I feel like I would be more confident if I had one then the next minute I feel I can live with my natural nose... I have a terrific smile and I don't want to forego one feature for another.

It does get me down though at times, because years ago an agent told me If I just got my nose tweaked and boobs slightly bigger I would get so many more modeling gigs. It still makes me wonder, was she right or wrong.

So im still undecided ... but after reading your story I think I am leaning more towards a no at the moment.

But I suppose i should do a lot more research and if I do change my mind to do it... I think its wise to go all out with finding and paying the best to do it. Not saying your results are bad or your surgeon was bad.

Personally I liked your nose before honestly, but your right there is not much difference however, the swelling is concerning! That should have subsided at least 6 months or 12 months after surgery. But I have read living in warmer climates can prolong swelling if you don't constantly treat it with ice-packs or other anti inflammatory treatments.

Thank you for sharing your experience as it shows people both-sides of the coin when its comes to cosmetic surgery.

anonymous on May 04, 2012:

@Maria-Zuzeena: Thank you Maria! I actually noticed something like this while I was changing my diet to healthier one some time ago. At that time I was eating less salty and greasy food and also drank more water. Salt is known to increase swelling so this diet did help with my nose too. But then the swelling eventually came back. It has almost like periods when it's more swollen and then less swollen, but all the time somewhat swollen.

But water diet I haven't tried yet! I'm most certainly gonna go for it and see what happens. Maybe not right away since I have some heavy studying to do and I need to be well fed for that. Was the reduction of swelling in your nose permanent after the water diet? I'm just thinking that maybe this kind of thing works but requires some kind of upkeep all the time? Of course one can't be water dieting like this all the time, but maybe keeping up healthier ways of eating in general (not much salty food) and consuming a lot of water would help sustain the results. I'm not eating that unhealthy anyway, but maybe this requires an extra effort.

Maria-Zuzeena (author) on May 03, 2012:

@anonymous: Katie, I need to update my lense as I have found a way to reduce the swell. I read on the internet about this person with the same problem as us. She said she underwent a 5 days water diet. I tried but was not able to go only on water all day long, at night I did have to eat something solid albeit light. I could only do this for 3 days: water from the beginning of the day until maybe 5 pm and then some light solid food. It worked! My nose is a lot less swollen now! I will elaborate on this sometime soon. Thank you for sharing your experience, I agree, it´s not worth it to loose a lovely smile and good front view.

anonymous on May 03, 2012:

Thank you for sharing Maria! Very important views on the subject. I'd like to share my story as well. I had a nose job for over three years ago and did it for all the wrong reasons (while struggling with some other issues in my personal life). I had a slight bump on the tip of my nose and wanted to get rid of it. But now when I look at the photos before the surgery I must say my nose then was so much better and thinner and as you said everything was so much easier. Now three years after the surgery the bump still isn't all gone and I have excessive swelling in my nose even after all this time. The nose is also kind of hard on the tip. I have consulted my doctor and I've been given cortisone injections several times. The cortisone reduces the swelling only for a month or so and even then it's not all gone. Only time when it seems to be all gone is when I'm really cold. If I put on more clothes the swelling comes back. My nose is swollen when I'm hot, exercising, when it's windy, when I eat spicy food, drink alcohol, just walk somewhere or sit in a warm car. Almost anything seems to trigger it. In the mornings the swelling is worst. It might help a bit if I take a cold shower, but over all this is quite a nightmare. The swelling doesn't get as bad as it was in the beginning but still it's there everyday and changes the shape of my nose. On the whole my nose now looks bigger and wider than it did before the surgery. In the photos it often looks piggy and because it tends to change size all day long this has clearly affected my social life as well. If I knew then what I know now I most certainly would have not gone through with it. People please think twice before you start anything like this. I can't stress this enough! I can only hope that time would still help with the swelling (I'm quite happy with the nose when it's not swollen). If anyone has any experience or knowledge on this I would be grateful if you shared.

anonymous on March 30, 2012:

I just got my splint off and love my new nose. Yes it looks swollen and big from the front, but it is still better than my old nose. The profile is beautiful. I no longer have to be ashamed of people looking at me from the side. My surgeon was an ENT for 30 years and has been a facial plastic surgeon for 20 (he is an old dude). I told him to be conservative and just take my bump off. He did a wonderful job. I'm glad I took this risk. I think that if you get a nose job you can't expect a perfect nose. You should only hope for a nose that is better than your old one. You also can't just examine your have to look at the entire face and see if you like it. A lot of nose job recipients are perfectionists. You really have to have realistic expectations. Surgeons aren't Gods.

anonymous on January 06, 2012:

Hi Maria! I really enjoyed reading your blog and felt compelled to reply. I also had a septorhinoplasty 9 months ago, and as much as I wish I could say I am so happy with my results and glad I did it....well, I can't say that. My nose before wasn't too terrible. The profile wasn't great...I definitely had a slight bump and my nose was a bit long and droopy.

Well, 9 months later...I've got a nose so small and rounded, I sometimes feel like someone just chopped it off. And, I also have a crooked tip that really is quite noticeable especially when I smile. My smile is also different. My big, beautiful smile that my husband has always said is why he fell in love me, has now changed. :( you, in hindsight...I sure do wish I would have left things alone and dealt with the nose that God gave me, bump, length and all! Like regrets as life is about learning! Boy, have I learned!

But I must are very beautiful, and if I didn't know you had a nose job, I would never be able to tell! :) And to Jennifer who also posted here.....please, please, please...really interview your surgeon carefully, and ask lots of questions...especially how many rhinoplasties they have done and what their revision rate is? I went to a very skilled surgeon in Beverly Hills and obviously I am not happy! Not all nose jobs have a happy ending, unfortunately! Really think long and hard about all possible outcomes! Good luck!

All the best,


Maria-Zuzeena (author) on January 04, 2012:

@anonymous: My pleasure Jennifer. You may want to talk to others about their level of satisfaction with their nose jobs. I guess it depends a lot on the type of nose you have to begin with. If you are really obsessed about looks chances are it will definitely improve them. But yep, the other side effects most probably will also be there. I still wish I had not done it. Life was so much easier before!

anonymous on January 04, 2012:

I am really surprised and discouraged too after reading your after-tell of nose job. Now I am confused should I go for plastic surgeon Newport Beach this year. I had shown many positive results before .But never heard of the late results of the surgeries. You have opened my eyes. Thanks for this sharing.

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